1. latsot says

    I like the gratuitous framing. It’s the set of compasses you should be looking at and the painting screams it. The artist wasn’t great at hands, though. Those things look like the chicken hands the Mythbusters made.

  2. hotshoe, now with more boltcutters says

    Argh. Looks like I didn’t give the right link to the wikipedia commons version. Let’s see if this works:ógrafo_%28Museo_Städel%2C_Fráncfort_del_Meno%2C_1669%29.jpg

    About the hands: his left hand resting seems good to me. His right hand holding the dividers was reworked by Vermeer from holding them vertically to holding them horizontally, probably to increase the sense of intention and immanent action in the pose. But the reworking may have something to do with why that hand doesn’t look exactly right.

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