Not Sig, not Andy, but Keith

Oh by the way did I mention that I’m back? I am, I’m back. It was a looooooooong trip. Jane and Michael picked me up at 11:15 yesterday (Tuesday) morning and I got home at 7:30 the next morning Dublin time. That’s 20 hours. Lordy.

I had a bit of good luck though, that made it a little shorter than it might have been. I looked on the board at JFK to find my gate and saw that there was an earlier flight in half an hour. Ooh, could I get them to put me on that one? Could I get there in time? It was a long shot, especially when I found I had to take a shuttle bus that trundled around the airport pausing to wait while planes oozed by – but I got there in time, and there were apparently seats open. There’s a $50 charge, they told me. Oh, never mind then, I said. Ok so they put me on it anyway. I guess they just try the $50 thing in case they get someone easy, or too rich to care. I figured I would get the most miserable seat on the whole plane, so imagine my surprise to get an F seat, and my even greater surprise to find that row 35 has a partition behind it and massive leg room in front with a pull-out leg-rest. Best seat ever.

Just as I stepped onto the plane I had a violent gasping can’t-breathe tears pouring sweaty coughing fit. That was a lot of fun. But then to make up for it I saw Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard, from the absurd but oddly fascinating Discovery show Deadliest Catch, among the toffs in first class. Very amusing.

We crossed the mountains and turned south just at and after sunset (from the plane’s height), and the view of Puget Sound and the islands was spectacular. Best view ever.

So that’s not too bad. Best seat ever, best sighting of a crab captain from Deadliest Catch ever, best aerial view of sunset over Puget Sound ever.



  1. smhll says

    So that’s not too bad. Best seat ever, best sighting of a crab captain from Deadliest Catch ever, best aerial view of sunset over Puget Sound ever.

    It’s good to know that the crab captain does not walk around in a miasma of deadliness that extends in a twenty yard radius around him on any form of transport. (Don’t get on his boat! 😉 )

  2. latsot says

    I thought I had the best seat ever on the flight over here: an aisle seat at the very front of the plane. But then EVERY SINGLE PERSON hit me on the head with their bag as they shuffled past. Apparently I have the same seat booked on the way back. I think I’ll get on last.

  3. carlie says

    Spouse is a big Deadliest Catch fan. I told him your story and he said “She didn’t try to talk to him, did she?!?” with the inflection of “because that would be a very bad idea”. I said no, you appeared to be familiar enough with the show and people on it to know better. 😀

  4. says

    Hahahaha – I nearly did. I was hugely tempted. But…the only reason I was even aware of him was because the mommy in a family group that boarded in front of me already had talked to him. I was preoccupied with getting over the coughing fit when I suddenly realized what that little bustle ahead of me was. He was just saying, “It was nice meeting you” and returning to his newspaper, so I refrained. I am soooooo polite and thoughtful.

    What would have happened if I had? The cabin echoing with shouts of “Greenhorn!!”? Demands that I get a Mohawk? Grabbing me and shoving me into a wall? Hahahahahahahaha

    No but seriously, you can tell Spouse he was quite civil to the person who did try to talk to him.

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