Dhaka: 500 thousand shout “atheists must be hanged”

Well this is scary. Not to say terrifying. As many as half a million Islamists protested in Dhaka to demand the death penalty for everybody who irritated them, according to the BBC.

Clashes between police and Islamist protesters in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka have left at least three people dead and 60 injured.

Up to half a million Hefazat-e Islam supporters gathered in the city, where rioters set fire to shops and vehicles.

The activists are calling for those who insult Islam to face the death penalty.

God damn. That’s the whole population of Seattle! Imagine a whole big city’s worth of people out in the streets to demand death for people who refuse to suck up to a particular religion. Why are human beings so good at stupid and vicious?

On Sunday, throngs of protesters blocked main roads, isolating Dhaka from other parts of the country.

Chanting “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is greatest!”) and “One point! One demand! Atheists must be hanged”, the activists marched down at least six main roads as they headed for Motijheel, AFP news agency reported.

Ya I call that scary.

Hefazat-e Islam wants greater segregation of men and women, as well as the imposition of stricter Islamic education.

The group’s opposition to a national development policy for women has angered women’s groups.

Hefajat-e-Islam draws its strength from the country’s madrassahs, or religious schools.

They’re not schools. All they do is rote memorization of the Koran in Arabic; that’s not teaching and the buildings where it happens aren’t schools.

On Friday, Sheikh Hasina said the government had already met many of the group’s demands.

“Many of these have already been implemented while some are in the process,” she was quoted as telling the Daily Star.

She said the government had already arrested four bloggers for making “derogatory comments” against the Prophet Muhammad and they would be punished if found guilty.

Hell and damnation.



  1. says

    It’s not that very long ago that thousands of Islamist protesters marched the streets of Bangladesh’s capital, calling for the death penalty for bloggers who insult Islam. Now, they’ve upped the ante with calling for the heads of atheists. Will they be wanting a new world order next – just like Hitler and his head honchos?

  2. says

    This is why, IMHO, promoting the advent of the Islamic Reformation should be a high priority. If you don’t already know about it, check out the history of Taqwacore, which emerged in the early 90’s. Imagine what a big quiet budget could do over a decade or two? You know, sort of like all the KGB-financed “world peace” groups of the 60’s and 70’s which probably helped keep Uncle Sam off-balance?


  3. Margaret says

    Hell and damnation.

    No, they don’t have sufficient faith in their god’s hell and damnation so they prefer to create the violence themselves.

  4. grumpyoldfart says

    Half a million protestors! So this is probably not something being imposed on the population from the outside. This is something the population is actively seeking. They probably think that they will be up at the top, working with their leaders, and helping to decide who lives and who dies. It probably doesn’t occur to them that when the atheists are gone they will be next on the list.

  5. karmacat says

    Buildings are collapsing and killing hundreds of people and they are worried about atheists? Imagine if all those people got together to make sure buildings are safe. They want god to save them yet this is a god who “put” Bangladesh is an area with monsoons and severe flooding. What they really to protest climate change that is hastened by humans

  6. Ant (@antallan) says

    Close the city and tell the people
    That something’s coming to call
    Death and darkness are rushing forward
    To stamp light from the wall!


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