1. Anthony K says

    How lazy. Bad cutting and pasting.

    Sara E. Mayhew would hate that, if she had a single shred of integrity. But she doesn’t, so she won’t.

  2. Anthony K says

    Statler and Waldorf were always a lot sharper and funnier than the stuff they heckled.

    You’re asking the KopyKat Kids to understand their source material?

  3. leni says

    Abbey beat me to it. As far as insults go that was an epic fail. Those guys were awesome 😉

  4. jenniferphillips says

    ditto abbeycadabra and leni—I LOVED Statler & Waldorf! They always had the best lines, were the wittiest part of the show by far, and they were always right.

    Another own-goal. I chortle.

  5. says

    Well, you know, aside from the fat shaming and the age shaming of putting Miss Piggy in my place and a sunken-faced (read: toothless) old lady in Ophelia. Otherwise, sure, totes a compliment.

  6. says

    I’ve always seen Miss Piggy as the strong, independent, non-conforming, take-no-shit type of woman. The Grumpy Old Men (as mentioned above) are a lot sharper (and funnier) than the targets of their snark.

    I see these as positive traits.


    YMMV, and that’s cool too.

  7. leni says

    Ah I didn’t actually see Miss Piggy, I’m on my phone and the picture is very very tiny. But still insulting people by comparing them to beloved characters? Fail. Well they pretty much always fail but this was more faily than normal.

  8. says

    I appreciate that y’all don’t want me to feel bad. I do. However, I really don’t need reassurances.

    What I want is for people to understand and acknowledge that the attempt was made to declare Ophelia and myself to be invalid participants in the discussion based on age and being overweight, not to brush it off as “Aw, Muppets.” Because most of the time they attempt to do this shit, they’re not using Muppets.

  9. mildlymagnificent says

    Right now …. I think I’m going to have to wait until today is over (my time). Otherwise there’ll be too many donations for too many halfwitted reasons. 10 and a half hours to go, then it’ll be in the name of March’s first Saturday.

  10. jenniferphillips says

    Point well taken, Stephanie. My first impulse was to respond to the absurdity, but you’re right–beneath that is a petty cruelty that isn’t remotely funny.

  11. hjhornbeck says

    Thanks, Mayhew, because your little stunt has led me to make three donations to Benson and Zvan in twenty four hours. Before Bensen suggested donations, in fact, I was content to freeload and contribute nothing more than comments; now, through the actions of people like you, I’m helping keep the lights on.

  12. says

    Well, if they find being old such a horrible thing, here’s what my great-grandma used to say (and she died age 92):
    If you don’t want to get old, you have to hang yourself young.

    Not meant as actual advice. But as an unpleasant truth. Not everybody might get fat, but everybody who survives young gets old. Deal with it.

  13. says

    And Vacula announces a podcast for tonight on blogtalk radio called “Go Home Pineapple” with hosts Justin Vacula and Karla Porter … just 2 young muppets in a balcony.

    These people can’t even recognize their blatant, outright bullying. Oh, yes, our old friend Al Stefanelli popped onto Sara’s wall to let me know how the word bully has now been redefined. Yeah, please, I stopped listening to him after his “YOU”RE A CULT!!!!!!” rant.

  14. says

    Is Justin trying to get himself removed from WIS before it happens just so he has something else to complain about, which he’s brought upon himself by being a jerk?

  15. says

    And that’s not even all: he’s calling it “Brave Hero Podcast” – aligning himself with whatever obsessed vicious libelous goon it is behind “ElevatorGATE” and his obsessive Storify account and his glee in diving to the very bottom – taunting Rhys for failing his exams and for having a chronic illness, to name just one. That libelous goon calls himself and various other obsessed stalkers “brave hero” – so Vacula is going a few extra steps in using that label.

  16. says

    Stephanie, I quite agree that the intention is stupid and cruel, and I sympathise, but the execution in this case is so inept that I can’t help getting the giggles. Waddell is effectively saying, “Nyer nyer na nyer nyer. You two are accurate, witty and very popular.”

    Anyway, the intention was cruel, so that’s another donation for Ophelia. Lots of cookies for Ophelia.

  17. rnilsson says

    So, Vacuum, another cookie cut. May you never be in need of dough, Ophelia. Or, … er …

  18. reinderdijkhuis says

    I’m going to make myself poor again if I keep donating each time one of those creatures do something vile. But never mind. Have another one from me in “honour” of Daniel Waddell.

  19. reinderdijkhuis says

    …and I think I’ve sent it to the whole FTB network again. Please confirm if you got one with a phrase similar to the third sentence in my previous message in the subject line? If not… I will just have to try again.

  20. reinderdijkhuis says

    Never mind, I’ve figured it out myself. If I CAN put something in the ‘purpose’ line in the first place, I’m not donating to B&W. Apologies for any confusion I may have caused.

  21. reinderdijkhuis says

    OK, seriously now: I would hope that the harrassment stops long before donating starts to bite. Don’t worry.

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