No thinking involved

Five students have been arrested in Dhaka in the murder of the atheist blogger and campaigner Ahmed Rajib Haidar. The police say all five confessed to involvement in the murder.

The detectives identified the five as Faisal bin Nayeem alias Dwip, 22, Maksudul Hassan Anik, 23, Ehsan Reza Rumman, 23, Naim Sikder Irad, 19, and Nafis Imtiaz, 22.

Dwip and Anik, who hail from Matuail and Keraniganj in Dhaka, are students of electrical and electronic engineering, while Rumman and Irad, who hail from Jhenidah and Brahmanbaria respectively, are students of electric and telecommunications.

Imtiaz, who hails from Sandwip in Chittagong, is a student of business administration.

Notice all the high tech. I mentioned this to Tasneem Khalil, who sent me the link, and he told me that Islamists recruit the brightest in high tech and finance.

Makes sense. They would, wouldn’t they. But notice how brightness of that instrumental kind can be compatible with moral idiocy. From Islamists to bankers, murderers to technocrats in charge of genocidal wars (I’m thinking of Halberstam’s Best and Brightest here), one kind of brightness does not necessarily imply or include another kind.

The “Borobhai” [senior brother; the mastermind] gave the NSU students links of some blogs and asked them to collect information about the bloggers.

Analysing the posts, the group decided to kill Rajib, who used to write under the pseudonym of “Thaba Baba”, Monirul Islam, the DMP joint commissioner, told the newspersons.

Once the decision was taken, an “intelligence group” was formed to collect detailed information about the blogger analysing his posts on blogs and Facebook, and track him down.

An “intelligence group” with no moral intelligence whatever.

On February 11, Rumman followed their target from Shahbagh Projonmo Chattar to Mirpur-10 intersection. “Rajib was in a bus and Rumman followed him by a bicycle,” said the police official.

Rumman failed to find out Rajib’s house that day. But the next day he succeeded to locate his place at Palashnagar.

“The group later started to collect information from locals regarding his profession, lifestyle, relatives, etc to finalise their killing plan,” said Monirul.

Anik and a couple of others went to Notun Bazar and bought machetes and knives. Anik paid the money, the arrestees said.

On the day of the killing, the group came to know from Rajib’s Facebook page that he would not go to Shahbagh that day and rushed hurriedly to Palashnagar by bicycles and bus, said Monirul.

They reached there around 4:00pm, carrying the machetes and knives in schoolbags.

The group started to play cricket in an alley near the blogger’s house to monitor his return.

As the sun was going down, Rajib was seen returning home. When he neared the gate of his house, Dwip hit him with a machete in a bid to sever his head from the shoulder, but failed to succeed in doing so.

After two more hits, the victim fell on the wall and Dwip continued to chop him, said Monirul.

Why? Because. He was an atheist. What more reason did they need?

“Three of them told us that they were not repentant for what they have done. They said it was their religious obligation to kill Rajib.”

No thinking involved. Just a made-up rule, and stupidly blindly following it, without thinking. Your superior officer tells you to kill everyone in the village, you do it. Your “superior brother” tells you to kill an atheist blogger, you do it.


  1. great1american1satan says

    Glad to be here instead of there. Eesh.

    I still haven’t really satisfactorily resolved, in my head, how to conduct myself with the religious. I used to work with dozens of moslems, and most of the white folks there were jebus fans. And as a boring job, people would end up talking shithouse philosophy a lot. That’s how I found out one of my supervisors thought UFOs were piloted by demons, and that the one moslem lady had a nasty hate-on for jews.

    Anyhow, it would often get all interfaith lovey at the end, and I can’t get behind that shit. All religion is bullshit and it hurts my brain to feel obligated to be nice to it because it’s being nice to me. Soo…. I don’t know.

    That’s a bit OT, but I thought of it because posts like this make me feel even less charitable to moslems, and that, again, feels morally problematic to me. Probably the half dozen Mohamed Mohameds I worked with would never hurt someone, let alone kill them. But ugh. Ugh forever.

  2. great1american1satan says

    Remember when those “emo” kids were murdered in Iraq? A coworker told me she overheard one of the Iraqi dudes we worked with saying they had it coming and shit like that. But then, she was someone I had heard saying racist stuff about our Somalians. Do-dee-do…

  3. Bjarte Foshaug says

    This reminded me of something from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four. Substitute “believer” for “Party member”, and the description seems to fit quite neatly:

    Even the humblest Party member is expected to be competent, industrious, and even intelligent within narrow limits, but it is also necessary that he should be a credulous and ignorant fanatic whose prevailing moods are fear, hatred, adulation, and orgiastic triumph.

    Come to think of it, I once wrote an entire article (in Norwegian) analyzing Nineteen Eighty-four as an allegory for religion. The descriptions of CRIMESTOP, BLACKWHITE, and DOUBLETHINK (about 5/6 into the chapter) seem absolutely spot on in this regard.

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