1. says

    It would be the standard boilerplate excuse about algorithms and machine-reading, I guess, if Zuckerberg or any of his lackeys even write back. Remember our recent experience with that other graphic, Ophelia?

  2. Alverant says

    Automated process, gotta love them. It was the same excuse a t-shirt company made when they advertised “Keep calm and keep raping” tees.

    I wonder if justified criticism of Israel is also considered anti-Semetic too.

  3. says

    My facebook account Taslima Nasreen was also vanished by facebook authority because of two penis pictures of my FTB blog on circumcision. I requested them to give me back my account, they didn’t. I sent a complaint against hundreds of fake accounts that were created in my name, but facebook authority did not take any action against those accounts. Rather I have been threatened by facebook authority for having a fake Taslima Nasreen/Nasrin account.

  4. EllenBeth Wachs says

    My facebook account got suspended for posting a screenshot of the youtube impersonation account my stalker created. He apparently flagged it as harassment. Irony?

  5. Matt Penfold says

    So according to FB a picture of a penis is wrong, but providing instructions of how to commit murder by stoning someone to death is OK ?

    Why are these people not helping the police with their enquiries on suspension of aiding and abetting a criminal ?

  6. says

    It’s unlikely there will be a response at all.
    Facebook does not respond to people asking why they were terminated. Unless they get a lawyer.

    I was booted because I use this name.

    I was able to sign up again a year later, but I quickly realized they’d done me a favor and quit FB anyway.

  7. sailor1031 says

    @Alverant: “I wonder if justified criticism of Israel is also considered anti-Semetic too”

    There can be no justified criticism of Israel therefore all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Don’t believe me? Just try it on some pro-Israel blog or even just a conservative one…..

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