You know that video that “mykeru” did a couple of days ago? The one that prompted some stranger to tweet at me that I’m an immoral little twat who should get a fucking hobby? It’s now the featured video at A Voice for Men – with my face on it, looking like a nightmare-idiot, because it caught me in mid-blink.

Fabulous. I love being a target.




  1. FelixBC says

    If you donate $200 to “sweet, gentle” Justin V, he’ll wear the t-shirt of your choice to WIS2. “Wouldn’t it be great to have him wearing an AVfM t-shirt?”

    And they lie about “reprinting” one of his articles, when he stated in advance that he was writing it for them. The one attacking Surly Amy.

    But think, every person who spends 45min watching that video wastes 45 min of his life. Useless gits.

  2. jenniferphillips says

    Justin reached his goal. $1500 from 24 donors.

    there’s a lot about that page that makes me cross.

    Vacula, in accord with the conference’s policy — stating “Critical examination of beliefs, including critical commentary on another person’s views, does not, by itself, constitute hostile conduct or harassment. One of the underlying rationales of this policy is to promote the free exchange of ideas, not to inhibit it.” — will offer critical examination and commentary surrounding material presented at the conference by its various speakers who are slated to address how to “best advance both women’s rights and secularism.”

    So conference attendees can apparently look forward to 2 days of Justin JAQing off. What an arrogant shitlord.

    The donor reward system he set up featured

    Donors of $35 or more will receive feminist conference swag signed by Justin Vacula. Donors will also receive all goods below this level.

    with a picture of a Surlyramics pendant saying “this is what a feminist looks like”.
    the next donation level ($50) merited a handcrafted Karla Porter necklace, but there’s no picture of that. Just Amy’s (freely provided) image, representing what feminist swag looks like.

    And then there were the t-shirts.

    Shitlord doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  3. says

    You know what’s always amused me about that policy that Vacula quotes? It’s this –

    “Critical examination of beliefs, including critical commentary on another person’s views, does not, by itself, constitute hostile conduct or harassment.”

    He’s clearly oblivious to the “by itself” part. That’s very funny, given that critical examination of beliefs, including critical commentary on another person’s views, is far from all he does.

  4. sheila says

    You know, in a round about way, I think being a target works out as a compliment. Something like a revolutionary having a price on her head. You’re clearly too dangerous to meet in a fair fight.

    But I don’t suppose that’s much comfort.

  5. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Since his only motivation in going to WIS2 is to shit on the conference and further his derange misogynistic agenda, are the WIS organizers concerned at all about what he might do to get head pats from the AVFBigots? I would be. He’s going to deliberately try to start shit. He will absolutely try to upset and/or humiliate any of his favorite female targets or, pull of Steven Crowder and pretend that women attacked him and then show off his extremely edited video of being “attacked”.

    Given that he writes for a misogynistic hate site, I can’t believe they’d even sell him a ticket. Exactly how does letting a deranged misogynist in making women want to be part of this movement, exactly?

  6. says

    Having had enough of Mykeru on Usenet to last any sane person a lifetime, I’ve steered away from reading his shit since. But I sat down and watched this one.

    This guy could have made some bank putting together anti-Tutsi PSAs for the Hutus in the early 1990s.

    Puts me in mind of the Mitchell and Webb “are we the baddies?” Nazi skit*: how little self-awareness does Mykeru have to not collapse into a puddle of self-revulsion at this thing?

    *fuck you, Orac.

  7. jenniferphillips says

    Judging from his stated intentions and comments on this topic, I think he’s intending to ‘game’ the system such that he conforms to his interpretation of the conduct policy. I’m sure he’ll still take the piss, but in the most smarmy, faux polite way possible.

    He’s also angling for attendees to commit policy violations toward him. I’ve seen several admonitions from his supporters (in the AVfM article but several other places as well) to film everything and protect himself from the uncontrolled wrath of the radfem bullies. Either way it’s a win for him, I think. If everyone is tolerant of his JAQing, he gets to disrupt the proceedings unchecked and accrue months’ worth of blogging material about all the *hysterical* discussions he’s crashed. If anyone should give voice or action to their distaste at having him there, he gets even more material, documenting how predictably vicious those ‘gender feminists’ are.

    Melody Hensley has stated that the organizers aren’t going to refuse him entry, but that everyone is well aware of his intentions and will make sure that his presence there doesn’t impede anyone else’s enjoyment of the conference.

  8. adriana says

    I have no idea who Justin Vacula is, but as a speaker in WISII, I think we should let anybody attend. If the criticism he says he will bring will be reasonable, it will make for good discussion, and if it’s not going to be reasonable, then the unreasonableness of the criticism is going to be put in evidence by our answers.

  9. Matt125 says

    I’m not sure how a video by Mykeru gave commenters here the excuse to go on a hate spree against Justin Vacula.

  10. jenniferphillips says

    I can’t speak for anyone else here, Matt125, but I just read AVfM for the articles.

  11. Matt125 says

    Jennifer, your first post had nothing to do with AVfM, you just launched right into an attack on Justin. In your second comment you reference AVfM briefly, presumably in an attempt to poison the well.

  12. jackiepaper says

    Matt, stop acting like there is no history of Vacula being a misogynist shit stain. We aren’t ignorant and if you are, that is not anyone’s fault but your own.

    Then again, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that you know exactly what his history entails and support him anyway.

    BTW, if this is a hate spree WTF do you call the never-ending spew of vitriol and lies coming from Vacula and his supporters? I bet you call it “disagreeing”, doncha?

  13. jenniferphillips says

    Matt, you made me laugh. Thanks.
    See, what I did was:
    1. I clicked on the link to AVfM in Ophelia’s post above
    2. I found myself at the AVfM website
    3. I read the linked artilce, “Monday Morning Roundup”, the first item of which was about Justin Vacula’s planned trip to WiS.

    I imagine that other commenters mentioning Justin early on in this thread followed the same steps.
    All clear?

  14. says

    Who is this Matt? Why is he accusing people here of a “hate spree” while saying nothing about mykeru’s video? I don’t see anyone here posting a 45 minute hate video about mykeru.

    I don’t see anyone here telling stupid lies about mykeru, either, like the one he told about my Twitter exchange with Aratina. I said something about mykeru’s rages and the way he works himself up, and that that kind of thing scares me. Then I said I thought if he ever came face to face with Rebecca…bam.

    Meaning, obviously, he might flip out and punch her. I think that about a lot of these people. I think they might punch me if they came face to face with me.

    Who says “bam” to suggest firing a gun? That’s “bang,” der.

  15. says

    Adriana @ 11 – I think there shouldn’t be barriers to entry as a matter of principle, but I think your take overlooks something, which is that time spent answering unreasonable “criticism” is time not spent on more productive activities. I think allowing everyone in is a principle, but it’s not the only principle.

  16. carlie says

    How do the q and a parts work? Are the speakers each in charge themselves, or is there a set moderator? There are always more people who want to ask questions than there is time for, so some people never do get their chance to ask in public. In particular, it is well within the purview of the moderator/speaker to choose people to ask questions who they feel will contribute well to the discussion. Even better, submitting questions on cards and choosing which to answer works well. He can attend the conference, but there’s nothing that says that gives him the right to ever take over the space within any presentations, or to get to talk to anyone who doesn’t want to talk to him.

  17. says

    @Ophelia, the Scottish meaning of Below Average Mentality (BAM) also fits Mykeru pretty well… Personally I’d interpret your statement to mean he would throw his stupidity in the face of anyone who gets to meet him in person.

  18. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    He’s also angling for attendees to commit policy violations toward him. I’ve seen several admonitions from his supporters (in the AVfM article but several other places as well) to film everything and protect himself from the uncontrolled wrath of the radfem bullies

    So he’s a wanna be Steven Crowder. No surprise there. Bigots always seems to congregate around the “Look at me! Look at me! I’m lying, and editing this video for propaganda purposes!” Much easier than admitting you’re on the losing side of the argument.

    And the conference knows he’s going just for this purpose – to shit on women, to shit on the goal of the conference and to further divide the movement. But they’re gonna keep an eye on him.

    Yeah, no.

    I have no idea who Justin Vacula is, but

    LEARN who he is, then.

  19. Anthony K says

    You’re pretty much proving Mykeru’s point.

    Yawn. This ‘retort’ is no less boring when non-creationists use it.

  20. Anthony K says

    What exactly IS “mykeru”‘s point

    Making violent threats from behind the veil of anonymity.

  21. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    As far as I can tell. You’re pretty much proving Mykeru’s point.

    Translation: I can’t think of anything to say so, uh . . . .. neener. . . .

  22. Martha says

    Does the discussion of the slimepitter’s “points” remind anyone else of the way Christians talk about the Holy Ghost? It doesn’t actually exist, and it’s never really clear what it is, but it seems to make a subset of people much happier to believe that it’s real. In that case, so that they can have a trinity, because three seems to be a much nicer number than two. In the case of the pitters, it’s so they don’t have to feel as disgusted with their behavior as they really should.

  23. freemage says

    Someone attending/working for the conference should make certain that Vacula’s got a camera on him every moment he’s in the hall. If, at any point, an edited video is put up on AVfM or any other website, the unedited version should be thrown up in response. He’s in a public place, and taking video himself; there’s no privacy issues there.

  24. leni says

    Mostly I just hope no one will give him what he wants and he’ll get so bored that he’ll have to pay attention to the speakers. Who knows, maybe he’ll learn something.

  25. Matt125 says

    Ophelia, why did you delete my posts? It is rude to ask a question of someone and then ignore the answer.

  26. Matt125 says

    I’m satisfied that my points have been well and truly proven. You delete posts that challenge your statements, then you claim people are harrassing and abusing you. Go ahead Ophelia, delete the rest of my posts too. I’m done.

  27. says

    Hey Matt125? Fuck you.

    No, I don’t delete comments that “challenge” what I say. I delete comments that recycle all-too-familiar talking points from an organized gang of harassers. Your comment was long and packed with stale bullshit of that kind. It was way too much trouble to go through it all to point out the bullshit, and anyway I don’t want harassers commenting here. So your comment didn’t get approved. Big whoop.

    Fuck you for treating the two as somehow comparable. You failed to post a comment here. That is not the same thing as harassment and abuse. And I don’t “claim” that people are harrassing and abusing me – see? that’s why I don’t want you commenting here – people are harassing and abusing me.

  28. Martha says

    I’ve never understood why we’re supposed to see it at punishment that anti-social people are “done here.”

  29. jenniferphillips says

    I saw Matt125’s earlier post before it was deleted, so I can independently verify that it was long, boring and wrong. Highlights included indignation that Mykeru’s name had not been capitalized in the OP or in Ophelia’s subsequent comment*, and more chest-beating about poor, wronged Justin Vacula.

    *Don’t scoff, haters! Receiving daily vulgar threats is nothing–NOTHING–compared to the humiliation of being lower-cased. TWICE. It’s the ultimate dehumanization, really

  30. says

    Yeh. Without that, who knows, maybe I would have had the patience to rebut the rest of the nonsense, but that was just too ridiculous. How dare I not put a capital letter on the nym of the vicious harasser who uses his nym to harass people under their real names (along with insulting diminutives)?!! How DARE I?

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