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More from those fun-loving woman-haters in Egypt.

Shura Council’s human rights committee members said on Monday that women taking part in protests bear the responsibility of being sexually harassed, describing what happens in some demonstrators’ tents as “prostitution.”

Major General Adel Afify, member of the committee representing the Salafi Asala Party, criticized female protesters, saying that they “know they are among thugs. They should protect themselves before requesting that the Interior Ministry does so. By getting herself involved in such circumstances, the woman has 100 percent responsibility.”

That’s right! By engaging in protest, women are formally requesting to be raped. If they don’t want to be raped, all they have to do is  stop participating in political life. What’s the problem with that?!

Salah Abdel Salam, a member representing the Salafi Nour Party, said that as long as women protest in places full of thugs, they should take responsibility for the harassment they face.

Mervat Ebeid, member representing Wafd party, said all societal categories are to be blamed for sexual harassment. She also said that knowing there are many thugs present at demonstrations, women should take responsibility when deciding whether to attend protests.

Yes indeed. The solution to sexual harassment of women is for women to stay away from any place or event or activity where many thugs could be present. Simple! Easy! Quick!



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    Wow. That sounds amazingly like the stuff we see in the comment threads from people who insist they’re ‘skeptics’ every time the subject comes up. Except that the ‘skeptics’ don’t seem to think of rapists and harassers and ‘thugs’, just men being men. So, by my count, that makes these statements marginally lessrepugnant than the crap on AVFM, since they at least admit that the men in question are less than sterling examples of their gender amidst all the victim blaming.

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    Well, in the German sexism debate there has been an “article” by a woman who is part of German right wingers which has been retweeted endlessly by >90% men about women just having to button up their blouses”. My advice is generally “go to Saudi Arabia, your mindset is already there”

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