From hacking to acid-throwing

Update for you creeps from the mildew pit –

No it’s not that I think I’m that important, you assholes. It’s that you do. You’re the ones who act as if I’m pretty much the most important person in the world! Along with eight or ten others. You’re the ones who monitor my every move every hour and every day. You’re the ones who focus a creepy amount of attention on me. I don’t think I’m that important at all! I don’t think I’m worth that kind of attention – not from people who like me and not from people who hate me. No, I don’t think maybe someone will eventually attack me because I’m so important – I think that because you people are so fucking unhinged and obsessive and you keep ratcheting up the hatred. I am very small potatoes, yet there you are, staring and frothing and hating.

I hope that clears that the fuck up.


The Bolshoi sounds like “the atheist community.”

The artistic director got acid thrown in his face yesterday. Apparently the Bolshoi is riven with deeeeep rifts. (That’s good, isn’t it? Riven with rifts? Same root, no doubt. I can’t say I use “riven” much. Every now and then though – well it’s the word that fits in the slot.)

…even before police find the culprits – if they ever do – many will connect the attack to the ongoing squabbles and infighting that have been plaguing this jewel of Russian culture.

Most of the squabbles that have affected the theatre have not been about money, but about personal competition, and they appear to have degenerated into nasty attacks on the talented dancer-turned-director.

Before acid was used in Friday’s attack, Sergei Filin had already received numerous phone threats, and his email and Facebook accounts had been hacked.

Interesting. One minute it’s just hacked Facebook accounts, the next it’s acid attacks. Maybe I should start wearing protection.



  1. Aratina Cage says

    Just the other day another one of the goons on Twitter was threatening to “tap” PZ “on the shoulder” at a conference, and later it was disclosed that one or more of them have been harming local businesses just to prank PZ. This is not a friendly rivalry, either. It’s dangerously close to becoming violent. That is why we need everyone to stand up to them and say “Enough!”

  2. says

    What?! Disclosed where?

    No, I know it’s very far from being a friendly rivalry. I think it is edging ever closer to violence, with the proviso fortunately that we’re all dispersed all over the place so actually getting violent would be quite difficult.

  3. says

    You know, a feature of the “deep rifts” that I’ve been riffing on over the past couple of weeks is how much of it is about a fundamental lack of respect for boundaries and an incredible amount of entitlement. When a “community” comes into existence that seems to be based around ignoring and violating people’s boundaries based on an irrational hatred, and that community basically declares “anything goes” and rejects basic ideas about rules and restraint as being “dogmatic”… what do you think is going to happen?

    That doesn’t mean that everyone who stalks you on Twitter and bypasses your bans with multiple accounts is going to assault you. Of course not. But what it does mean is that if there’s one or two people with violent tendencies who have joined in the harassment, they have been giving a green light by their peers to do ANYTHING to people that the group targets. And while I’m sure someone will say that it is ridiculous to say that petty harassment can lead to more serious behavior, they are just wrong. For instance, the anti-abortion fanatic who murdered Dr. George Tiller started out with a couple of instances of petty vandalism of a woman’s clinic in the weeks before the murder, and very quickly escalated to assassinating a man in public.

  4. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Jimmy Russel translated: I’ve only got four brain cells. I can’t debate you. Please accept this lame attempt at a passe cliche instead.

  5. says

    Ok well this thread is not going to work out, because it’s had the mildew pit treatment with photos of acid-melted women added – and a photo of me for good measure – and Vacula posted that on Facebook and blew a whistle for more people to come along and hate on me, and I’m getting lots of nice spittle and hatred on Twitter, so I may have to close this one.

  6. Aratina Cage says

    PZ disclosed the part about the harassers targeting local businesses on his blog. The guy saying he would tap PZ’s shoulder was a new one on Twitter just yesterday, not Hoggle’s pocket-gift threat. And remember, we have already seen this kind of obsessive hatred against a few women lead to violence in the atheist community before, with Madalyn Murray-O’Hair. The atheist community should remember that and put an end to it immediately before it moves past the stage it is in right now.'Hair#Investigation_and_arrests It’s not a joke.

  7. says

    What’s so stupid is – they’re pitching fits at me for being so self-important. But they’re the ones who spend their lives tracking my every move!! They treat me as if I were earth-shakingly important – evil, and hugely important. If they were not stalking me every minute of every day, I wouldn’t be talking about possible shifts into violence. I don’t have delusions of reference. THEY KEEP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT ME.

  8. says

    Ophelia, you and the other FtBloggers and Rebecca Watson are at the center of their universe. I guess they ran out of YouTube creationists and Bigfoot enthusiasts to keep them occupied, so they MUST DESTROY YOU!

    The stupid is that they’ve put you at the center of their universe and then complain constantly about your irrelevance. They follow you around insulting you and when you mention it they claim to be victims of bullying. People who are NOT obsessed and dangerously unstable don’t do things like that. If I don’t like someone’s blog, I go find a different one to read. If someone blocks me on Twitter or on their blog I just shrug my shoulders and move on. The whole “I hate you I can’t stop thinking about you, talking about you, trying to get you to look at me!” thing is by turns pathetic and creepy as all shit.

  9. says

    It is very very very creepy. That level of persistent non-stop obsession is just insanely creepy. I’m permanently amazed that the people there can’t manage to figure that out. No, it’s not my paranoia or self-importance, it’s your non-stop staring!!!!!!!

  10. says

    I’m sure your stalkers all totally don’t agree with what that person said on Twitter about pouring acid in your face, and they’ll make a concerted effort to condemn it.

    Oh, wait… they’ll call it a “joke” and mock you for taking it seriously. Because they’re really awesome people, and that’s what awesome people do when this sort of thing happens.

  11. says

    Hmm yes how dare I think that the escalating hate-mongering might eventually lurch into violence. The fitting punishment for that is to talk about throwing acid in my face.

  12. Francisco Bacopa says

    Seriously Ophelia, if anyone near where I live is causing you trouble I can help out. You can find an email by searching my WordPress profiles. I know people, things can happen, I’m not promising any preemptive action, that would be illegal. But if it’s as serious as you say, you need to be able to threaten back

  13. Sassafras says

    Wow, that Vacula sure is great leadership material! He’s gonna update his resume with “spearheaded initiatives in threatening women with acid.”

  14. says

    Hey Francisco? We don’t do that shit here. No threats, no hinting at threats, no hinting at being maybe able to make threats. We’re not them, we don’t stoop to their level.

  15. jackiepaper says

    Here, here, Improbable Joe.

    Ophelia, that is just awful. I wish these people would get hobbies and just go away.

  16. Axxyaan says

    I don’t understand how they come from worrying to self importance. It is not as if only important people get acid thrown in their face. I can only say I find it all very sick. I wish I could do more but at this moment I can only offer my moral support. I can only imagine how creepy this must be for you. Nobody should have to endure this kind of abuse.

  17. Theo Ffensivatheist says

    Your all a bit mad aintcha’? Just a quick heads up for you, OB got the reaction from an idiot she desperately wanted so she could, bitch, whine & write about it here. Anybody who actually did something like that would be punished & nobody (that i know) endorses what that fool said, but just look at yourselves falling over each other to condemn it like your the only people who are really moral yet OB’s thoughts on the REAL victims of these attacks rarely get a mention. This will go oh for weeks now & forever be used by you “Critical thinkers” as “Evidence”. It will be interesting if the real Women in Afghanistan who are really attacked get so much as half the attention your giving this non-event?

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