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    Doesn’t everything just pale into insignificance when you hear stories of this diabolical nature.

    It’s rather ironic that I couldn’t bear to reply to the last post due to what the young student had been exposed to by the antediluvian barbarians. However, now that medical student is no longer alive, it doesn’t matter anymore.

    I hope the women of New Delhi rise up, and let it be known that they won’t stand for any more of this barbaric treatment of women.

    The student never knew the trap she was walking into when she stepped on to a bus in New Delphi. She was lured to her death, by that one act that most of us take for granted every day of our lives. We think it bad when someone steals our purses on the buses, but, cor blimey, to have your life stolen is a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Condolences to the bereaved family.

  2. bubba707 says

    And the Delhi police will still claim it was HER fault and the men involved were blameless. What uncivilized barbarians.

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    Assholes. I hope she didn’t die for nothing and some good comes of the uprising that seems to be the response at the moment.

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    The saddest part of all is that, despite her suffering, and despite the fact that this shit happens far, far too often, there are still people — women as well as men, atheists as well as fundamentalists — who will just sniff and say, “She deserved it.”

  5. Rodney Nelson says

    From a story linked from Ophelia’s link:

    Junior home minister RPN Singh appealed for calm after the violence broke out. “This is not a way to protest,” he told India’s CNN-IBN television. “Trying to storm buildings and breaking barricades is not a way to start a dialogue.”

    Considering that no government ministers, party leaders, or other spokespeople said anything about victim until after there were massive protests, it appears the way to start a dialog is to get the government’s attention.

  6. says

    Gregory – they’re already on it. Someone – a woman! – said her intestines would have been fine if she hadn’t resisted, and besides why was she out at 10 pm?

  7. mildlymagnificent says

    Oh, from the BBC reports it seems the police are getting the message …. or maybe not.

    The city police commissioner told a news channel that even men were unsafe in Delhi as “their pockets were picked” – a shocking gaffe that appeared to equate rape with pick-pocketing.

    So men are “unsafe” too, from pickpocketing. No mention of being beaten up and thrown off a bus when your woman companion is attacked. This is probably the same lackwit who suggested carrying chili powder to “keep yourself safe” from rape.

    Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck.

  8. S Mukherjee says

    @Mildlymagnificient: Exactly — notice how they say ‘but but but EVEN men are unsafe!’ Because, y’know, if EVEN men have troubles, then how can women expect to fare any better?

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