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    Whoo, it’s cold here. [Italics original]

    Welcome! Enjoy the fine cold weather, although from the looks of the forecast, as of this writing, by the weekend it’ll have warmed up considerably.

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    Welcome to Ottawa ^.^

    As to the weather be glad cfi ottawa didn’t plan this for January/February or you might get a real taste of Ottawa winter :P. Course then the canal might be open, kind of a shame its no where near ready…

    I’ve been looking over the schedual a bit, is anyone else curious what the secular sing a long thing will be?

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    I’ve been looking over the schedual a bit, is anyone else curious what the secular sing a long thing will be?

    So am I actually, and I’m doing it ;-).

    So far it’s: me, my guitar, and a bunch of copies of Rise Up Singing.

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    That sucks 🙁 sorry you can’t make it Ibis (and everyone else in a similar position). If it had been pretty much anywhere else I’d be right there with you.

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    Hey. An welcome to the end of the world! You’ll find the actual edge fairly well roped off and marked… There are postcards with attractively framed images of the more famous and scenic lookouts into the Bleak Nothingness available at our many kiosks… Try one of the hourly tours into The Void…

    (It’s this thing been on my mind ever since the Eschaton ads with the ‘Party at the End of the World’ motif started appearing. As in: ‘Oh. The end of the world! Hey, that must be here! And oh, look, it is!…’)

    And yeah, it can get nippy. It’s that cold wind blowing in from the howling, empty, yawning Beyond, generally. (And sometimes from the North Atlantic.) Anyway, seriously, welcome, and I’ll see everyone in a few hours, I expect.

    (/Right after the bleak nothingness of my Friday meetings. And sorry to hear, Ibis. I think I know that feeling. I really hate those ‘I could almost do that one’ situations.)

  6. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Ibis3, member of the Oppressed Sisterhood fanclub says:
    November 29, 2012 at 8:45 pm
    I’m so envious. I’m only 3 hrs away and Ottawa’s my home town, but I couldn’t afford to go.

    Can’t you just go along anyway and FTBully your way in? I’m sure that OB will lend you her ‘FTBully Badge’ if needed 🙂

  7. dgrasett says

    finishing packing and starting driving now-ish. I too am three hours away – Guelph – but I have a couple of stops on the way.

  8. frankathon says

    I cannot wait to see you and other FTB bloggers! I’ve been waiting for this for months! See you soon!

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    New? Well, I’m horribly envious, but that’s not terribly new. I’ve been pouting ever since I figured out I couldn’t afford the time off work for this convention. Everyone have a little extra fun for me, will you?

  10. Jenora Feuer says

    Whoo, it’s cold here.

    You think it’s cold now, try walking five blocks to work every morning in January/February…

    (Yes, lived in Ottawa for four months on a work term/internship; living in Toronto now. Will be up in Ottawa to see you all by about noon, after I catch the 6am train from Toronto. Yeah, the train takes longer, but the scenery is nicer and I get free WiFi for the whole trip.)

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