Crossing Lake Michigan

I am in Toronto. Ok not really in, except literally – I’m at the airport. Anyway I’m where I’m supposed to be for the purpose of taking a short flight to Ottawa and showing up at Eschaton. I did not forget everything, I did not lose everything, I did not miss the bus or the plane, I did not leave everything on the plane, I did not get sucked into the engine. Success! Am I competent or what.

Did you see Dave Silverman on O’Reilly last night?I never watch O’Reilly except when Dave is on. You know what BillO’s new thing is? It’s to say that Christianity is not a religion, it’s a philosophy – and not just say it, but say it in that impatient, contemptuous, everybody-knows-that way that is so irritating even when it’s true, let alone when it’s complete bullshit.

Dave is the perfect guy to go on O’Reilly because he can be just as shouty and inyerface as O’Reilly is, if need be. It’s a treat to watch, because usually BillO just shouts people down.


  1. Your Name's not Bruce? says

    Welcome to Canada! I hope you enjoy your stay!! Please take our Prime Minister with you when you go!!!

  2. says

    Yes, our King Stevie. Problem pets. No one wants ’em.

    I expect I’m also required by custom to say something disparaging about Toronto, on each mentioning thereof, but I got nothin’. Toronto’s pretty okay with me. With the possible exception with the bits sent Harper’s MPs this way. I mean, dammit, people. Not funny. And not cool.

    (/And no, this doesn’t mean I fail tribalism entirely. It just means I’m saving my hostility for Calgary.)

  3. says


    Y’know, on the one hand, it almost seems too cheap…

    And on the other hand, this is the same place elected Lastman…

    (And… ummm… All of a sudden, I actually kinda miss Lastman.)

    And I’d ask what the hell is it with Toronto and cringe-inducing mayors, but then I remember our Larry, and get to thinking of glass houses…

    So, on balance, I guess I’m passing.

  4. Martin Ross says

    I am confused. What does this post have to do with Lake Michigan? Flying from Toronto to Ottawa you do not have to cross over any of the Great Lakes. Because of wind direction, you may have to fly over Lake Ontario briefly after taking off. But Lake Michigan? Much further west, fully contained in the US with Chicago at it southern tip.

  5. ChrisG says

    At least Larry didn’t call in the army to deal with a bit of snow. 😉

    (Lastman and Toronto will be forever living THAT one down!)

    Welcome to Canada, Ophelia!

  6. says

    @ChrisG @Aj
    And that’s how its done ;p. While Larry is bad at least he’s not calling the cops on tv comedians.

    @Martin Ross
    Ophelia flew over lake Michigan to get to Toronto.

  7. says

    Ya; sorry for being cryptic. Flying over Lake Michigan was in the previous post. Seattle to Toronto; Toronto to Ottawa. The route was right across Lake Michigan, way north of Milwaukee.

  8. says

    Rob Ford: I weep for my native city. Howinhell can anyone not see him for what he is: an arrogant jackass who thinks rules are for other people?

    Oh, and it was great having dinner with you, Ophelia.

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