Both parties have respect

Fabulous. The Republicans are having New York’s archbishop Timothy Dolan saying a goodbye prayer at their convention, so now the Democrats are having him too, so that everyone will know that both parties suck up to the Catholic church because hey, votes.

The fact that Dolan will be speaking at both conventions, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, shows the measure of respect both parties have for “ou[r] new cardinal.”

Yes exactly, and why the hell should they do that?

Mind you, the rest of what Bloomberg said sounded a tad perfunctory, or even contemptuous.

“It’s very flattering, I think, to him,” Bloomberg said. “He’s a very good speaker, and I’m sure he’ll give a very nice invocation, blessing or whatever he chooses to call it.”


But seriously. Timothy Dolan is the guy who pitched a huge fit at the New York Times for reporting on priestly child rape because other people do it too. He’s not someone both parties should respect. He’s a moral imbecile.


  1. jamessweet says

    Yeah, Dolan is a real piece of work.

    That said, taken as a whole this news is encouraging. It is nothing new to see bipartisan rump osculation of the clergy, so even just the slightest bit of “Yeah, I guess that’s great and everything (eyeroll)” undertone coming from Bloomberg is a small step in the right direction.

  2. Jakie_paper says

    He kept saying “respect”, I kept hearing “fear”. The Machiavellian dichotomy boils down to love vs fear and it seemed clear enough to me that he was all for making anyone not rich/while/male/hetero/cis gendered/English speaking/ Christian or able of mind and body fear his party. I heard, “We’ll put them in their place and they will stay there, this time”.

    I admittedly have a vivid imagination, but I could easily imagine people across the country looking at their TV screens and saying, “Come at me bro.”

  3. Jakie_paper says

    Totally OT, btw, as I was referring to Chris Christie at the RNC last night. But I cannot hear or read the word “respect” without my mind going back to the speeches last night.

  4. eigenperson says

    What a wonderfully backhanded compliment from Bloomberg. It has to be intentional, right?

  5. Chakolate says

    He’s not just the guy who excuses child rape, he’s the guy who paid a priest who did it. Paid him $20,000.

    He should be in jail.

  6. Radi says

    Shoot, I meant “… to strip the Catholic Church of tax-exempt charity (501(c)(3)) status…”

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