Women who tweet

Once in awhile Twitter’s recommendations come in very handy – I didn’t know Sherry Rehman was on Twitter. I didn’t even know she was Pakistan’s ambassador to the US – last I knew she was one of two surviving politicians in Pakistan who favored reforming the blasphemy law, and thus in very serious danger. I’m profoundly glad that she’s now an ambassador and thus less likely to be murdered by one of her own employees the way Salman Tazeer was.

So in reading her Twitter feed I find Foreign Policy’s list of important women on Twitter. I wish it weren’t an afterthought to a list of just important people on Twitter that was nearly 90% men, and I wish it didn’t have a hot pink tweetybird on it, but it’s good to have a list. I’ll be Following some.


  1. says

    It’s tangential, I know, but this made me laugh:

    Of the 100 tweeters Foreign Policy said “you need to follow,” nearly 90 percent are men.

    It was a list of 100, and they still have to talk about near percentages. Because if they’d written, say, “Of the 100 tweeters Foreign Policy said ‘you need to follow’, 88 are men,” how could FP readers be expected to convert that into a meaningful percentage on their own?

  2. Sethra says

    I can’t even muster up shock anymore that women are considered ‘other’ or are ignored. I am once again cheering for the asteroid that will eventually wipe out our piddling species and I sincerely hope something less repulsive and more egalitarian rises up in our place.

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