1. Jaclyn says


    You closed the thread I was commenting on so I couldn’t respond, and I don’t know how to send you a private message, but I want to clear something up. It would be ludicrous of me to accuse you of being anti-feminist, since you’re clearly not. I have read your blog for a while. I know this.

    “Then when I asked you confirmed that you meant specifically me.

    You weren’t just making a factual statement that one woman was saying X about other women – you were making a political point – in other words accusing me of being anti-feminist.”

    I specifically said technically in my comment to say that in this case you were technically disagreeing with women. Not in a political manner, but in a semantic manner. A distinction I don’t think you saw. Furthermore, at the end of my comment I in fact said that my previous comment was not meant specifically towards you, the opposite of what you are accrediting to me.

    Here is what I said. Please read it. “I’m not saying you blanket do it all the time, or that you’re wrong to do it now based on your perceptions, however women are saying they have a problem with what they perceive him as saying, and you’re saying they shouldn’t be making that big a deal of it/they are incorrect. So…technically so if not in any other way. But yeah, that comment was not made with you specifically in mind.”

  2. says

    Oh! So you did. I checked and you did. Er…my bad.

    After all my fuss about reading what’s there!

    Very sorry.

    I’m just going to leave comments closed on that thread for now though, because I’m about to rush off and I really don’t want any more off topic comments on it while I’m not around to monitor.

    Peace out. :- )

  3. Jaclyn says

    It’s alright, I just wanted to clarify because I was baffled at how it turned out.


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