Oh that kind of DNA test

Uh oh…

A 15-year-old housewife lied to her husband when she told him she was having an affair with her uncle, a court heard today.

The husband of the Syrian teenager lodged a complaint at Al Qusais Police Station on November 14 after noticing the uncle’s number on her mobile phone.

When he confronted his wife she said her uncle often called her to flirt and that the two had been meeting for sex while he was not at home.

When investigators questioned the teenager she told them that her uncle – a 38-year-old from Saudi Arabia – had taken advantage of her young age and the problems she was experiencing in her marriage to convince her to have sex with him.

The uncle, you’ll be astonished to hear, denied it. Then – hurrah! – science backed him up.

DNA tests showed the uncle had not had sex with the teenager, so charges against him were dropped.

Say what?

How the hell could a DNA test show that?! What DNA test is there that could show that?

That’s some voodoo science they got going there.

Prosecutors said the teenager insisted on her version of events throughout most of their investigations, but eventually confessed to filing a false report to authorities.

Dubai Juvenile Court is scheduled to deliver a verdict on May 22.

That “15-year-old housewife” is probably a dead girl walking.

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  1. anne says

    She “eventually confessed to filing a false report to authorities.”
    Move along, nothing to see.

  2. Gregory in Seattle says

    At a guess, she agreed to a rape kit without knowing what kind of tests would be involved, and it showed either no intercourse or that there was but not with her uncle.

  3. anna says

    Could it be a pregnancy test? Not that that would prove anything, but I can’t think what else they mean.

    Bad translation?

  4. Sunny says

    Eric Riley:
    Am I the only one bugged by her being married at 15?

    Well the Prophet married a 9 year old. The Prophet can’t be wrong.

  5. Gregory in Seattle says

    @Sunny #7 – Actually, Aisha was six when she was married to Muhammad; the marriage was not consumated until she was nine.

  6. says

    Gregory – but a rape kit wouldn’t show that “the uncle had not had sex with the teenager” – that is, ever, which is what was at issue. And as far as I know there’s no test that can show that. (There’s the intact hymen, but obviously as a 15-year-old housewife she can’t be no virgin. She wasn’t married off as a child so that she could stay a virgin!)

  7. Chris Lawson says

    A DNA test can only clear a person of being the provider of a given sample of tissue. If the girl had claimed that she had a sample of semen from the man, then DNA could disprove that…if the sample had not been ruined and the sample was tested by trained forensic scientists with the right equipment. Since no professional forensic scientist would ever claim that a negative DNA test could prove never having had sex with someone, there is every reason to doubt the story; in fact, I wonder if the test was done properly — or even at all.

  8. Pierce R. Butler says

    Chris Lawson @ # 11: …if the sample had not been ruined and the sample was tested by trained forensic scientists with the right equipment. … I wonder if the test was done properly — or even at all.

    Not to mention the “journalism” between us and the actuality (of either the testimony, or the tissue sample, or the life-as-lived experience of an anonymous Dubai 15-yr-old-sex-slavehousewife>).

  9. says

    And lest we get too high and mighty (“Oh, those people, again…”), this shit happens in America, too.

    (Um, trigger warning. Details of violent sexual assault.)

    When I was raped a couple years ago, I had a rape kit done. Now, the black light at the hospital was broken, so they couldn’t scan my body for DNA left by the rapist. Also, he used a condom. They also tested a cigarette found in the park.

    (The rapist lit one of my cigarettes and then put it out on my labia, because, “Good girls don’t smoke.”)

    Months later (actually, a really good turn-around time), the rape kit came back with no foreign DNA. The cigarette had my DNA on the end of it. Now, it shouldn’t be a shock that they didn’t find any DNA, and I still say if they had been able to use the black light, they might have found some, because I know he kissed my hairline. And since I had walked through that park twice a day on my way to work for the past several months, smoking each time, it would have been a shock if the cigarette they had found didn’t have my DNA on it.

    Instead, I was accused of making the whole thing up. (Even though my OB/GYN cried when she saw what he had done to my vagina.) A big reason I think they didn’t believe me is because I’m bipolar and have been hospitalized for depression. They brought me in for a final “discussion” (actually an interrogation, but they didn’t tell me that). They wouldn’t allow my rape advocate to come in (found out later that was against the law). They interrogated me for hours. They threatened to charge me with filing a false report. They told me I would go to jail, that I would be responsible for all the money the investigation cost. They told me there would be media attention. They said no one would ever believe me because I was crazy. They threatened to file a petition to make me a ward of the state or put me in a hospital because I was insane, a danger to myself and others. They called me a whore. And they said if I just told them I had lied to them, they would make it all go away. It would all be over.

    After three hours, locked in a small room, alone, being yelled at by two large, angry men, I broke. I told them it was all a lie. I said I made it up because I was mad at my parents. The lead detective made me give him a hug. They said it was all over, and I could go.

    Then they called my rape advocate and told her I was a liar (she didn’t believe them, thank God), and my parents (even though I was twenty-four, but they believed me, too, and I already told them what happened), and then the fucking newspaper, so people I haven’t talked to in years came up to me in the store and asked things like, “Is it true that you burnt your own va-jay-jay?” and when you do a google search on my real name, that’s one of the first things that comes up: I lied about being raped to get attention. That will look great to prospective employeers and admissions counselers.

    Sorry for the tl;dr TMI. I just wanted to get this off my chest. This kind of shit happens all the time, all over the world. The more I talk to fellow victims, the more I hear stories like mine. The details may differ slightly, but the end result is the same.

  10. anne says

    EEB, that’s appalling. I confess I often wonder how much pressure has been applied when I hear of retractions of rape accusations here in UK too – let alone the Syrian case above. It’s dismaying how each forced retraction adds to the myth that women frequently make false accusations, so someone in your position is made to suffer many times over. It’s so unjust, and I hope you find comfort somehow from those who believe you even if you can’t get justice right now.

  11. says

    My goodness, EEB. With law enforcement like that, no wonder rape is so underreported.

    I’m very sorry that happened to you. Those detectives shouldn’t be in that line of work.

  12. julian says

    Yeah that sounds like the police. Indifference to others. Check. Self congratulatory behavior. Check. Massive leaps in logic. Check. Completely disregarding the survivors. Check.

    EEB, I hope you’re better and that you get stronger with time. The police who handled your case were worthless fucks.

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