Another chorus of “god hates atheists”

Steve Ahlquist (Jessica’s uncle) just posted several Youtube videos on the Support the Removal of the Cranston High School West Prayer Facebook page, including this gem of majoritarian bullying (which we have seen before – remember that Mississippi high school?) –




  1. says

    remember that Mississippi high school?

    Might you be referring to Itawamba County that barred lesbian Constance McMillen from attending, then pretended to relent and held a sham prom while the snobs secretly conspired and held the real prom at a different location?

  2. Slinky's Human says

    As near as I can tell Cranston has 67 churches and half a dozen private religious schools, along with 25 public schools. The former are protected by the 1st Amendment, which also requires latter to be non-religious. Seems like a great bargain to me.

  3. says

    Aratina – hmm – it may rather be that I’m conflating Itawamba County with another incident – where the Majority students gloatingly sang a (goddy?) song by way of flexing their Majority muscles. I’m forgetting the details…….

  4. says

    Seriously, what’s wrong with those people?
    How miserable and pathetic must they be if they need to boost their egos ganging up on a 16 yo and then act as if they, a bunch of grown ups with lives and jobs and such are the actual victims?
    No matter what you believe, decent human beings are ashamed of such behaviour.

  5. athyco says

    You’re probably thinking of Damon Fowler in Louisiana and his Bastrop High School graduation/commencement.

  6. says

    Those “APPEAL” signs people are wearing should be countered with similar ones that begin with a red letter “A” and underneath state “to your better senses”.

  7. peterh says

    The local newspaper now has a poll asking whether the decision should be appealed. The “No’s” at last glance were 79.4%.

  8. Hypatia's Daughter says

    Oh. I thought their signs read “Appall”.

    Have these people ever listened to the words the are singing?
    “And crown thy good in brotherhood….” Where is the brotherhood in their actions?
    O.K. That was a rhetorical question. As long as a song contains the word “god” in it somewhere, that’s all they hear.

    I hope their council members remind them that an appeal will cost tax money and ask them to support any future tax increase to cover the costs.

  9. says

    “… sweet land of liberty …”.

    “From every mountainside let freedom ring.”

    You gotta wonder if these people listen to the words they’re singing.

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