1. piero says

    She’s just amazing. I just cannot praise her enough for the total lack of bitterness or aggressiveness in her message. You rock, Jessica!

  2. piero says

    Yes, I already let him know what I think of him. It took me some time to find the adecuate words to call him a despicable pig (no offence to pigs intended) without actually using those words, but I think I succeeded.

  3. Makoto says

    She. Is. Awesome.

    Also, I find the fact that one of my heroes is less than half my age rather interesting. Feels pretty good, actually.

  4. piero says

    I’m glad it feel pretty good for you. Being four times her age, I fell slightly ashamed. Not too much, though; just enough to give me a renewed resolve.

  5. Stewart says

    We’ve all seen the “evil little thing” slur, but I don’t know if we’ve all listened to the whole interview in which he said it. It’s actually one of the least sleazy things he said. Firstly he took it back almost immediately to say instead that she was being coerced by evil people. So he and the host define her as a pawn and not just any pawn, but a star, which gets instantly turned around so she’s not a “star pawn” but a “pawn star.” And Palumbo can’t let go of this. Not once or twice more, but four or five times during the remaining few minutes of the interview (the whole thing was about 14 minutes and this wasn’t right at the beginning, though it wasn’t too far in), each of the four or five times the word “pawn” is mentioned by the host, he slips in “star” with a smirky voice.

    And how does it end? Palumbo’s big clincher is about every time there’s some crazy shooting spree, everyone asks “where was god?” Which is his self-given cue to say, of course, that we threw him out of our schools.

  6. Stewart says

    A google of “pawn star” and Palumbo only gives 4 results, but one is for wwjtd at freethoughtblogs, where in the comments Jessica’s uncle is appalled by it. This constant insertion of “star” after the word “pawn” is reprehensible enough that it needs more than 4 results in google.

  7. CC says

    What an amazing attitude! At Jessica’s age, I would have been too scared even to talk to the principal, if I even thought about it at all. Go Jessica! Keep showing us how it’s done!

  8. Stewart says

    They also had three or four phone-in callers in the latter part of the interview (oh, mustn’t forget – several times it was hammered home that the next step is going to be a suit for damages by Jessica, the sum of $1,000,000 was mentioned; all listeners must understand that it wasn’t really about any principle, it’s all greed). All supportive of Palumbo, two of them volunteered money to keep fighting the case (the first said $500, the other one said she’d give whatever she had). One was an agnostic, who said he might as well be called an atheist as he doesn’t believe in god and he was firmly on Palumbo’s side, too. All callers may have been genuine, but it worked out conveniently enough for that side, even taking into account pre-screening of calls, that I couldn’t help remembering reading about the agencies that supply actors to provide the call-ins a show orders.

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