Rethinking Vision Forum

I have more topics and sites to explore than I can keep up with right now. I keep meaning to dig into Rethinking Vision Forum but so far I’ve only scratched the surface.

Vision Forum uses a classic illustration but distorts it first, in a way both annoying and funny. They forgot to tweak her arm, so now it looks as if she’s…well, take a look.

I look forward to reading more about Elsie Dinsmore.

I’m fascinated by the Botkin daughters.



  1. says

    How did no one notice that?

    I’m told that not everyone has a “dirty mind.” I find this hard to credit, but if true, maybe that explains it?

  2. says

    ::looks at altered picture::

    ::looks at picture again::

    Yeah, she’s definitely giving him a handjob, no doubt about it. Good grief.

  3. Ken Pidcock says

    Thank you for sharing this stuff with us. We all have an abstract sense of how abusive religion can be toward children, but reading these accounts of how it works on the ground is troubling and moving.

    I was going to say that I do not look forward to reading more about Elsie Dinsmore, but then I started. Personal Failure makes it interesting.

  4. Ken Pidcock says

    To point:

    Do you suppose it’s at all practical to dedicate the rest of my life to finding every copy of this book and burning them all?

  5. says

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