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From David Futrelle at Man Boobz – some guy says feminism causes male violence. (Well sure it does – makes perfect sense if you think about it – if we just do what we’re told what’s there to get violent about?) Guy points out it’s a bad idea, because after all who can hit harder?

In other words, the fact that there are violent men out there is why women shouldn’t complain about violent men. Presumably the only marches women should be organizing would be “No, Go Ahead, You Keep the Night” marches.

Good one.



  1. Claire Ramsey says

    Oh alas, Men’s Rights sounds like something from Saturday Night Live.

    The guy (someone named W F Price) also wrote:

    ” [W]e all know that feminism has never been about the typical woman who lives a humble life, but rather the ambitious elite who want to have access to the big boys and big money on Capitol Hill and Wall Street. … ”

    My name is Claire and I am an ambitious elite feminist. I do not live a humble life.

    (He also thinks I should be removed from my job at a public university by security).

  2. Paulino says

    Sorry for being totally off-topic, but please check the national hurricane center website!
    I guess butterflies did some flapping over the Amazon forest…

  3. Bruce Gorton says

    Sometimes, just sometimes I wish I was Goro from mortal combat because two facepalms as just not enough.

    For that guy’s causation argument to work he would need to demonstrate that societies with high rates of gender equality also have high rates of gender violence. So far as I am aware this is not the case.

    And I seem to remember reading somewhere – though I can’t find the source at the moment – that women’s shelters and anti-violence initiatives are in fact reducing violence against women.

    In other words, feminism is having the exact opposite effect to what that douche is saying.

  4. Dave says

    One expected what from a fascist website? Honestly, this is, as Futrelle points out, just the logic of fascism applied to gender relations – make the victim the aggressor to justify renewed aggression, and help the real aggressor feel like a victim. Goebbels would smile and nod.

  5. lordshipmayhem says

    And I suppose I shouldn’t complain about violent idiots, either, just because “they’re there”?

    Feminism didn’t make the violent fools violent. A lack of self-control makes them violent. Lock them away until they can be cured of their violence (if that’s possible), they’re Not Wanted on the Voyage. Keep up the Take Back the Night marches. OK if I join in?

  6. says

    Who can hit harder? Sounds like he’s saying women should be encouraged from a young age to work out, get strong, and learn how to fight dirty.

    Well, maybe that’s not exactly what he’s saying, but it’s true. And so now I will plug an excellent women’s self-defense program, Impact Personal Safety

    Yes, men can hit harder. That’s why this program teaches women the skills to know when a man is about to turn violent, to keep enough distance, to trust your sense of somethings-not-quite-right (rather than the feminine conditioning to always be friendly, polite, and helpful). Most importantly, it teaches methods that are about disabling the aggressor as quickly as possible – heel-palms, eye gouges, axe kicks, etc., in a variety of situations (elevators, beds, cars, weapons).

    The best part? The instructors wear “mugger” suits, so it’s full contact. Women often don’t realize how powerful they are. Watching a full grown, 250 lbs man go airborn and three feet back from a well-placed knee-to-the-face fixes that.

    Take back the night, sure. But we also gotta take back the fight.

  7. ginmar says

    Yeah, he’s got us cold, wife beating didn’t exist before…um, when, exactly? Susan B. Anthony, when women didn’t have the vote? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. Women didn’t get beaten up by men at all? This is stupid it makes my brain hurt.

  8. Art says

    Sooo … what W.F. Price is saying is that he is cool with the whole right-makes-right version of morality and common good. Which means that feminists need to carry guns, lots of guns, large guns. Your increased capacity for violence will mean men will be, by force of logic alone, not to mention fear, forced to comply with your every whim.

  9. ginmar says

    Ha, you’re funny. The true secret is that men get to do whatever they want and if women don’t comply we’re bad evil man-haters.

  10. fastlane says

    Apparently, this guy has never encountered any of the (many) women who’ve been through the self defense classes I’ve assisted/taught. I was the poor sap in the ‘redman suit’ that got the snot beat out of him by them’s poor wimmins that can’t hit hard.

    I’d love to introduce this guy to my wife. >:-)


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