Since I didn’t watch the Super Bowl…

…can you fill me in on what memes were created so I’m not totally confused at every joke on the internet for the next 24 hours?


  1. jws1 says

    Be prepared for a wide range of conspiracy theories about the 34-minute delay due to electricity problems in the stadium.

  2. PDX_Greg says

    Well, I can’t say I perceived the birth of any memes from the Superbowl having watched it only intermittenty and not watching the commercials after the first few I observed, which were pretty bad. Therefore I myself wish to create a meme for the very small group of people familiar with both A) geological time scales, and B) American professional football. Whereby the 2012-2013 NFL post-season shall be declared as the Harbaughnaceous period.

    I Harbaugh no resentment to anyone who hats me for posting this.

    Truthfully my once-strong interest in NFL is greatly waning as I have gained interest in social justice issues and realize how diseased the NFL is and has always been in that sense. Semi-watching it while belting out my taxes was intended to be a guilty pleasure but it was more guilty than pleasure.

  3. says

    Power outage means that HuffPo and/or MSNBC will have an article about how bad America’s infrastructure is.
    Beyonce knows how to shake her booty.
    Ray Lewis isn’t a murderer. He watched his 2 friends murder 2 other dudes and was charged with obstruction of justice for lying to the cops. But who’s counting.
    Joe Flacco also managed to drop an F-bomb on live international tv. I guess you’re allowed to do that if you’re the MVP.
    Also, Scientologists aired the most ironic commercial ever by ripping off Apple’s “Think Differently” ads.

  4. says

    The Beyonce show was surprisingly good (i know nothing of her music). Very focused. The commercials were meh. Nothing grand memeworthy. I actually find some commercial art quite charming and inventive, like little 30 second movies. There was nothing this year that stood out.

    The game was great, featuring an incredible 49’ers comeback from a 28-6 deficit to have a chance to win it with a minute left.

    @PDX_Greg, I completely understand, I too have grown uncomfortable with the way the NFL and football in general works. OTOH, I geek out on sports as much as anything else in my life, so my reaction is very emotional and therefore not as reasonable as I like. I’m certainly tired of the holier than thou nonsense like PZ posted this morning. Like I’m some sort of empathy deficient monster because I like my football.

  5. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Lou Doench-

    I’m certainly tired of the holier than thou nonsense like PZ posted this morning. Like I’m some sort of empathy deficient monster because I like my football.

    Really? It seemed to me that PZ’s gripe is with the business of football, not necessarily the sport itself or its fans. I doubt PZ is a fan of the sport or ever will be but if he was saying anything to the fans in that post it didn’t look like a judgement regarding their empathy. At most there was an implication that, as a fan of the sport, you should want the business of it to not treat the players as a disposable commodity.

  6. Georgia Sam says

    I second that “meh” on the commercials. Record-breaking (108 yard) kickoff runback for a touchdown. After all the hype about Ray Lewis, he didn’t do much on the field, but I doubt that there will be much talk about that as he’s retiring anyway. The power outage may well get more coverage than the game.

  7. says

    A great deal of graffiti was released at the end of the game, virtually coating the field. One of the players on the winning team lied down and made a snow angel in the graffiti.

  8. movablebooklady says

    The best ad was the Tide commercial actually making fun of miracle stains — you know, Jesus on burnt toast type of thing– and how they can be easily washed away. Heh.

  9. glodson says

    I don’t know. I hardly watched myself. I did enjoy the 30 minute blackout, myself.

    And the end wasn’t bad, if you are into football. I did actually watch that much of it.

  10. jws1 says

    @#4: Uhhhh no, liar, that’s not true. His two acquaintances were acquitted on grounds of self-defense – meaning that the victims were looking to do some killing of their own. They were very far indeed from being members of the upright citizens brigade. This fact gets lost on those who assume black guys are guilty and need to prove innocence.

  11. says

    @Jeremy, I know. I DO very much want the players to be better taken care of. I don’t want to watch gladiators. And yes the business sucks, like most big businesses.

  12. fredericksparks says

    God made a farmer. And driving a VW will make you feel so cool you’ll start talking with a Jamaican accent even if you’re a white guy from Minnesota

  13. simonallaway says

    @matthewsmith. I think you meant “confetti”, not “graffiti”.

    The ultra-patriotic commercials like the ‘god made a farmer’ and another one associated with the USO made me want to puke. After all they were just trying to get us to buy cars!

  14. Denverly says

    Forbes pretty much nailed my problems with the commercials: Audi endorsed sexual assault. GoDaddy shows that hot women and nerds don’t mix. Toyota says ex-girlfriends are nuts. Doritos are yummy enough to make real men play princess. Two Broke Girls are really strippers. Calvin Klein knows how to properly objectify men.

    The game was awesome, but I had to turn off the sound for the commercials. Forbes missed the stupid Carl’s Jr “bikini model eating a fish sandwich on a beach” ad, but whatever. I don’t know if there was anything meme-worthy. The “god made a farmer” thing I found particularly stupid.

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