Open thread!

I’m sitting in the Columbus, OH airport, still recovering from yet another awesome Secular Student Alliance conference. A quote from Jesse Galef best summarized how I feel about the annual con: “This feels more like a family reunion than my family reunions do.” And it’s so true. I love being able to see all of my friends that live all over the country – it’s the one of the few times we all get to come together.

When I first saw JT at the conference…aka #FTBullies

Anyway, I’ll be traveling all day and there’s no wifi on my flights (damn you, US Airways). And when I get home, I’m going to collapse in a pile of mexican food and cuddles. So consider this an open thread to talk about whatever your heart desires.


  1. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    Close proximity and squeezing following Mexican food.

    You’re braver than I O.o

  2. says

    Perhaps it feels more like a “family reunion” than an actual family reunion because actual family reunions suck?

    If y’all have family reunions that you can enjoy, that’s awesome, because in my family, getting all the relations together means I’d be much nicer to all involved if I were allowed to spend the day drunk.

  3. says

    This might be a good opportunity to discuss my theory that Pat Robertson is actually an early example of Homo Sapien, or ‘cave man,’ who has survived through the eons due to contact with a radioactive meteorite which granted him immortality.

    It almost explains how backwards his views are.

  4. says

    I get annoyed how many amazing events are in the states (Reason Rally, hello?!) because it makes me jealous. But Europe is a lot more secular, so you guys need it more I guess!

    Still though *barfs with jealousy*

  5. Tigger_the_Wing says

    I know how you feel: until I have heart surgery, I can’t fly (and the arthritis means that long journeys by car are out of the question) so I have missed the last two GACs despite actually living in Australia at the moment.

    By the time the next one takes place, I may well be back home in Ireland. It is very frustrating.

    However, I don’t know that you are missing very much compared to the average USian; the USA is pretty big, so very few people can probably afford to go to more than one gathering anyway; and, as you say, those of us in the civilised world (j/k) can have amazing non-religious gatherings all the time, without bothering to advertise them as such, because the religions have so little influence (despite all their bleating and attempts to have more).

  6. julian says

    The caption should read Dawwwwwwww.

    Good friends seeing each other is a pleasant sight.

  7. Emily says

    What are you reading lately?
    I typically check all of my blogs, news, etc. at work. I just read about China possibly changing its one child policy, India finger printing all 1.2 billion citizens, and how silk might start to be used in vaccines. Isn’t the world a cool place?

  8. IslandBrewer says

    Next time a creationist becomes the chief executive in your country, we can plan more conferences there.

  9. timothybrannan says

    Since it is open. ;)

    I am always looking for more followers at my newer atheism blog. and more ideas of things to post.

    I am not a scientists, just an educator and sometimes game designer, but I try to have something interesting to say.

  10. Otranreg says

    I wonder if you (or any of the commenters) have already had a chance to check out the Gods and Kings expansion for Civ5. How do you like the way they’ve handled religion there?

  11. LKL says

    I absolutely agree! Pictures with really happy smiles are nice to look at even if one doesn’t know the people.

  12. says

    Just wanted to post how much I enjoyed the improv jam at the Staircase Theatre. Does anyone live in or near Hamilton Ontario? They’re having another Jam next Monday at 8

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