The preparation

Most likely thing to get me through Blogathon:

Right now I’m just working on the orange tangerine tea so I don’t peak early in the energy department. But that Red Bull, as disgusting as it is, will come in handy around 3am.

Most likely thing to sabotage Blogathon:

The fucking crow outside my window who won’t shut up. Hey crow, it’s 6am. I don’t need to hear your life story. I don’t care if someone is infringing upon your territory. Stfu.

Second most likely thing to sabotage Blogathon:

Distracting boyfriend cuddles, since I’m typing away in his apartment. It was worth the risk since he’s also agreed to feed me all day. Of course, the risk of boyfriend cuddles won’t really be a problem until he actually wakes up, which will probably be around noon. Lucky jerk.

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  1. Physicalist says

    “crow outside my window ”

    Be grateful it’s outside. I’ve got a bird trapped in my walls. Got me up at 4 am, and it’s looking to shoot my day getting it outwithout tearing holes in the wall . . .

  2. ryangerber says

    Nasty, nasty stuff… but I know I’ll be back to it my next night shift. Good luck.

  3. Vanessa says

    You should have gotten Rockstar or Monster. They taste waaaaaay better than nasty ass red bull!

  4. Jennifer says

    I second the suggestion for Monster. I drink a Monster Absolutely Zero almost every afternoon. I think I may have a slight caffeine addiction. :/

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