Happy Super Bowl or something

I celebrate the Super Bowl exactly how I celebrate religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. I could care less about the “true meaning” of the celebration – I’m just happy I get to spend time with friends, eat delicious food, and be happy. Because those things are what matter, not Jesus or what team wins.

I don’t know what teams are playing, but I do know there’ll be guacamole and laughing at sexist beer commercials. Good enough for me.


  1. nemothederv says

    Any excuse for nachos.
    Sounds like a healthy way to go through life.
    Okay, maybe not healthy but happy.

  2. Drivebyposter says

    Laughter is the best medicine. Chuckle between each nacho and they’ll even each other out.

  3. Buffy says

    I celebrate the Super Bowl exactly how I celebrate religious holidays like Christmas and Easter.

    Me too. I practically do a jig when I realize, Yay! I don’t have to hear any more hype about it or see any more ads about it until next year!

  4. rbray18 says

    well that was a waste of time and i could care less bout what he said but i’d have to care in the first place that he’s speaking.

  5. Kaleberg says

    Thanks for point this out before I did. People who say “I want anchovies” when they mean “I don’t want anchovies” drive me nuts too.

  6. Kaleberg says

    You have the right attitude about the Superbowl. We have friends who have Packers shares, so we show up at the party when the Packers are in the game. Otherwise, our friend just drops off some refreshments, so today we had oysters and butter clams.

  7. Azkyroth says

    You can either assume it’s sarcastic, or that there’s a silent “but not by much.” Or is that too many choices?

  8. Andy says

    My wife and I hate sports in general. Luckily, every year, Animal Planet has the Puppy Bowl, complete with a Kitten halftime show.

  9. nanoboy says

    The beer commercials were far less sexist this year. I think that brewing companies are beginning to realize that women drink beer, too.

  10. Josh says

    I was actually thinking about one Super Bowl ad that I can’t honestly decide is sexist or not, and I was hoping you lovely people could clue me in:

    The Best Buy smartphone ad, with all the inventors. I am clued-in enough to the industry that I knew 90% of the guys mentioned. Then it struck me, wait, they’re ALL guys. Then it struck me, wait, I can’t actually think of a female inventor in the field of smartphone and mobile OS/app design.

    Are there any who are or should be reasonably well known? That is, is the Best Buy smartphone ad sexist in its own right (by ignoring women contributors) or merely reflecting a potentially sexist real-world situation (by accurately reporting that there are no significant women innovators in that particular field).

    Need answer … in about two-three years, when my daughter starts being able to really conceptualize what “sexism” means.

  11. EmbraceYourInnerCrone says

    Well there’s this one off the top of my head

    Hedy Lamarr co-invented – with composer George Antheil – an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary to wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day.

  12. EmbraceYourInnerCrone says

    And the disposable cell phone:

    In November of 1999 Randice-Lisa “Randi” Altschul was issued a series of patents for the world’s first disposable cell phone. Trademarked the Phone-Card-Phone, the device is the thickness of three credit cards and made from recycled paper products.

    Maybe Best Buy couldn’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes surfing the web? Although admittedly getting Hedy Lamarr to speak in their commercial might have been difficult as she died in 2000, I believe. Sorry , I’m just cranky from the uber-annoying G0-Daddy commercials…barf!

  13. J D says

    Oh, Randi Altschul. I’d forgotten completely about her. I did think of Hedy, but yeah, not very easy for her to speak in a commercial (repurposed footage of the deceased for marketing purposes being pretty anathema to me).

    And yeah, ugh, GoDaddy. I am perpetually nearly convinced to move my domains away from them by their commercials, although in my defense A) I bought those domains before Bob Parsons went insane and B) they’re literally the only major registrar who HASN’T screwed up something mission-critical for me at some point in my IT career.

  14. Josh says

    How odd that it changed the name that I put in to my initials–I guess I must have used them at some indeterminate point to comment.

  15. EmbraceYourInnerCrone says

    I understand and you have to make business decisions from a business point of view. Reliability is very important, especially in IT.

    I just don’t understand how a smart company can either not know or not care they are turning half the population into things in their commercials. I have a seventeen year old daughter, and some days it depresses me how much of this she accepts/doesn’t even notice because its everywhere. But she’s going into Physics/Engineering so maybe some of my ranting got through.

    I hope things get better, but some days I feel like we’re headed for the Republic of Gilead (The Handmaids Tale)

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