In other Harry Potter news…

My alma matre, Purdue University, won the Quidditch World Cup in their division!

Woooooooooooooooo, go Purdue! Boiler up!

What’s that? How’s our football team doing? What’s the upcoming basketball season looking like? Hell if I know.


  1. says

    I’ve yet to see the final movie. It came out the day after my daughter left for a long overseas trip. So I’ve been saving myself. Finally, the movie came on disk and it is sitting her unopened.

    Julia returns from her travels upcountry tomorrow evening. Might be a late night.

  2. says

    So how does the game work, you don’t happen to have any video do you?

    I’d hate to be the guy carrying the snitch, you’d have to run faster than either seeker for the entire game (unless someone uses those nifty mini helicopters or something, though they only run for 5-8 minutes before the batteries run out — I suppose they could do quarters like the do in hockey?).

  3. Laura-Ray says

    My housemates are on Quidditch for my school. One of them is actually a fairly good snitch. But man, that is one helluva dangerous sport XD My housemates have gotten concussions, sprains, and after all the tournaments they each have at least one ginormous scrape from the brooms (or fingernails… those kids are vicious!)

  4. N. Nescio says

    I wonder if they showed that game during Breakfast Club at Harry’s? Sometimes I miss West Lafayette, but then I realize I can feel that way because I moved *away* from Indiana.

    Still can’t find an italian beef sandwich out on the west coast, though. Hell, I had to *make* my own giardinera.

  5. Vanessa says

    The football team won against IU so they may be going to a bowl game, wooo. The basketball team sucks except for Robbie Hummel, of course. Now you’re all caught up. XP

  6. says

    How does this game work? It’s my understanding that it involves riding on broomsticks and attempts to catch a magical flying snitch. Without the magic, wouldn’t it just be football?

  7. Morgan says

    Did some link-trawling from Jen’s above to find information on the rules – ended up here.

    It looks extremely silly and very fun.

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