I’m adding this quote to my resume

“But sometimes you have to be just a little skeptical, otherwise Blag Hag will get after you.” – Dan Savage, Savage Lovecast Episode 250

I am always watching, waiting to eviscerate stupidity with my words. And occasionally lolcats.

Insert diabolical laughter here.


  1. says

    Dan Savage is awesome. I think if you listen to him enough, I think you find that he’s only technically Christian. If more Christians were like him, there wouldn’t be any urgency for antitheism.

  2. Heather Lynn says

    Thank you for setting Dan Savage straight with that bullshit show about female squirting. He’s pretty awesome, and I’m listening to him efface the Bauchmann marriage. Also, you’re talk about SSA was pretty great.

  3. Surgoshan says

    Watching, waiting, eviscerating.She left intestines by the stairs,surprises let me know she cares.Say it ain’t so,I will not go.Turn the lights off.Carry me home.

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