Damon Fowler’s graduation

It didn’t go well. There was prayer, there was mockery, there was biased reporting by the media. Shocking.
Hemant has a detailed post. I’m busy with this conference, so I command you to go read it. Well, not if you have any blood pressure problems, because you will rage.



  1. says

    I’ll make a donation to his college fund. Hopefully Damon will land in a field he loves and is passionate about, and may his so-called peers learn a lesson or two in truth and humility, lest they eternally wallow in their intellectual, spiritual, and moral poverty that they proudly showcased at this event.

  2. biblebeltatheist says

    my response? any ideas on how to effectively use social media to combat this ignorance and promote secular issues would be greatly appreciated.according to Facebook update, he has enough donated scholarship money to pay for  his 1st semester at community college. It’s a start.THIS.IS.NOT.OVER.YET.I,for one, intend to struggle against this nonsense for the rest of my days.And my family lives a long time.

  3. says

    Ugh.  The biggest problem we face here is people do not understand why this is a problem (as in against the Constitution) and they don’t want to know so they get to feel like martyrs. I would say the issue is education (like evolution) but once again you can’t talk to someone who won’t listen to you.

  4. Sammdogg316 says

    ……… And of course the video has comments and ratings disabled. -_-

  5. Wil Post says

    It isn’t that they don’t want to know about the constitution so they can feel like martyrs.It is that they feel they are defending their right to freedom of religion by praying.It is ignorance in that they don’t care or don’t know that they are forcing their specific religion on the non-religious and also anyone who may follow a different religion… and by doing so with a very public prayer they are flouting the first ammendment, not defending it.

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