Oh, how things change

I rediscovered my old Xanga blog the other day. Most of my entries are from age 13 to 15*, so it’s both painful and hilarious to read. For example, I found a post where I was whining about fashion – nothing new there, I suppose, but I loved this line from 2003 (bolded):

None of the clothes I like fit me anyways. At least in the junior department, which is were all the nice stuff is. I’m not like, overweight, but everything there is just so tight that is looks crappy. Like, if I lost 10 pounds it would be perfect. All the jeans are too short even when they’re in the Long style (curse you, height!) and all the shirts seem to be built for girls who are like AA cups >_< I’m not even what you would consider busty and they don’t fit me. Stupid fashion.


God, how was I complaining about fitting into things when I was barely a B cup? If only Young Jen knew how much more annoying it would get to find well fitted shirts.

If you want to read more…well, don’t bother looking for it. I have it friends-locked. No one needs to be subjected to that many Japanese emoticons and personality quizzes.

*I later switched to Livejournal for most of high school and part of college, then finally set up Blag Hag publicly on Blogger. If my trend of upgrading blogging platform continues, I’ll switch to WordPress right when something more awesome surpasses it.


  1. says

    I always like to imagine what would I say to my old self of 12-15 years-old. It’s such a trip to the past to find stuff that revealed how you used to think just some years ago.Will you put a link to your old blog? Or maybe more posts from that time?

  2. says

    I got boobs in elementary school. It was terrible. I actually cried, I think, a few times, because nothing made for a girl my age would fit properly. I think pre-teen Jen’s judgement of style back then was pretty accurate though; it was a pretty fugly fashion-era, for the busty and non-busty alike.

  3. Nichole says

    “All the jeans are too short even when they’re in the Long style”How tall ARE you!? I can’t buy pants in the juniors department because even the “short” ones are usually a bit too long… then again, I’m 5’1″. :-P

  4. says

    I’m 5’10”. I don’t know how juniors departments are now, but in 2003 I was too tall for their pants. Women’s jeans were long enough, but I didn’t have hips yet, so they looks like clown pants on me. Thankfully I don’t have issues with jeans anymore!

  5. says

    Nerdy isn’t enough; it needs to be nerdy and perverted.Clearly the Blag Hag blogging platform should be home made in OCaml.

  6. Amanda says

    hahaha I, too, have been spending my christmas break looking through old journals and blogs. ohmyohmy. Thankfully the blogger I used circa 2003 seems to have disappeared but sadly the livejournal and many hardcopy journals still exist. :/

  7. Amanda says

    I knooooow when I was a “junior” most department stores hadn’t even figured out that there was such a time period between young adolescence and adulthood. We were stuck wondering between the two sections, feeling lost and confused.

  8. Jenny says

    I find that getting shirts that fit properly requires some sewing skills, sadly. Or hiring it out, I suppose. I buy them big enough to fit over my boobs without gapping, and then take in the waist etc. You don’t even need a machine, you can fairly quickly hand stitch darts while watching TV, as long as you have matching thread.

  9. says

    ahahaha NOOOO, unlock the blog! We’ll run through it and correct your grammar and/or criticize the trivialities which you wrote about at age 15! (Conveniently forgetting that we ALL did that at age 15. bahaha)

  10. says

    Ha – no one will likely ever see any of my “trivialities” from age 15; at the time all I had was a 300 baud modem, and I was damn lucky to have that! Anything else is on old 5.25 inch floppies for a TRS-80 – or in a notebook somewhere…

  11. Noelley B says

    bravissimo.comBest place to buy clothes for busty ladies. Their clothes are pretty pricey, but I find it’s totally worth it to have that one button up blouse that fits perfectly. Also, watch their fitting tutorials. The way the nice English lady says “boobs” over and over again is hilarious.Oh, and I heard livejournal is going to start deleting dead journals soon.

  12. says

    I feel your pain. When I was 12 and 5’11” having a shop assistant, in the adult department, informing me that they only stock clothes for people of “normal” height was the most traumatic experience of my young life. I envy you though as living in a smaller sized country can make finding jeans that fit and cost less than a weeks pay incredibly hard

  13. says

    I also have an old blog somewhere, though I was about 16-19 when I wrote it. Most of it is stupid, and the most embarrassing part was that I was a Dan Brown fan then.Fortunately it’s no longer online, but the Wayback archive would probably have it.

  14. says

    I always found the strangest parts about those shirts are the arm holes. I always felt that I had “normal” sized arms and I would only be able to get my arm in up to my elbow. I still don’t understand who was getting their arms in there.

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