1. says

    haha, well, here’s hoping by this time next year, precisely one and not both of those things have changed! Good luck in the new year, Jen, may you even top the last one (if that’s bloggingly possible!)

  2. says

    So, no one told you boys didn’t like you because you didn’t believe in God? I would have totally expected that.If so, go to whoever said that and proudly announce you have a steady fanbase of hot heretic guys.

  3. PoetCSW says

    Well, I married an atheist engineer (who also complains about clothes fitting). Then again, brains are sexy when you study neurolinguistic development…

  4. Erp says

    Things have changed but at one time women going into academia as a career did not generally marry (look into the history of the women colleges). Admittedly effective birth control has changed things.

  5. WingedBeast says

    The boys liked you just fine. They were just intimidated by your intelligence. Boys will still have that problem. Good thing that men like intelligence in a woman.

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