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I’m not feeling particularly blogging inspired (thanks, grad school), so here’s some random photos of my new apartment, now that it’s all set up (click images for larger):How about a game of geeky I Spy? What can you spot, other than the inevitable wire-induced fire hazard beneath my desk?


  1. Rbray18 says

    another thing,i though college students were supposed to be poor,you have like 50 times more stuff than me :P

  2. says

    Other than the book shelf hazard, both in bonking your head and having something drop on you if it becomes too loaded down, it looks like a standard poor college student room with a great TV.

  3. Vanessa says

    Surprised me too! Although, we didn’t get any pictures of the bedroom, that’s probably where the mess is at XP

  4. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Cute how it looks like the cephalopod is waving “hi” at us. Does it have a name?You don’t have all that many books, do you?Is that a picture of O9000000080+ (this comment left by my cat) a picture of Optimus Prime over your laptop?

  5. says

    I swear the whole place is clean! I have more photos on facebook, but I didn’t post them here since my bedroom and kitchen are kind of boring.Though yes, knowing me it’ll be a dump right around finals week.

  6. BonnieBeth says

    Pirate hat! (for global warming prevention) Waving squishable octopus! (I have a rhino) And OMG washer and dryer! (not seen in these photos)

  7. Shelby B. says

    old school puke green linoleum!! its like you had a choice…. but lol what were they thinking back in the day?

  8. Annie says

    The Beddinge Lovas… a college room staple. Love the Jigglypuff, Snorlax, and Evee (my personal favorite). I thought about it, but will refrain from mentioning that nasty looking spider behind the plushy microbe.

  9. mcbender says

    I’m impressed. Your room manages to be neater than mine, and yet still look like somebody lives there (which I’ve been told mine does not).

  10. Dae says

    PLUSHIE MICROBE!!!!!!!!!! I have lots of them. >.>And I also spy some Harry Potter book spines, or I’m an English major.

  11. says

    Octopus squishable and Giant Microbe, FTW. And hooray for Pokemans! (let me show you them!) My coworkers tease me when I bring my DS in to work after the launch of whatever newest Pokemon game there is. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only adult with a soft spot for the lil’ guys. Now I can only hope that I’m not the only one who thinks “Jigglypuff” sounds like a euphemism for boobs.Hooray, also, for the Pastafarian worship gear…erm…pirate hat. I hearrrrtily approve.

  12. vltava says

    I clicked as many times as I could. I hope it made your apartment become larger. Doing all I can to help!


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