Boobquake: The Game

I can now add “Having a game made out of it” to my boobquake meme’s growing list of accomplishments. I’m not sure where it fits in with appearing on the Colbert Report and having a Wikipedia article, but it’s up there.

Here’s the trailer:

I admit I felt about every emotion possible while watching that.

  • Awe that I did something that inspired a game
  • Amusement at the juvenile humor
  • Annoyance at the fact that it’s only juvenile humor. Couldn’t put her in a lab coat? Have earthquake facts thrown in? I know it’s hard to believe, but boobquake was about skepticism, not boobs.
  • Happiness that it’s at least well done – the art is wonderful
  • Disgruntledness that someone’s making a game off of my idea without ever asking for my permission, and potentially making money from it
  • Disappointment that you run over women in burkas
  • Guilty glee that you get to run over angry feminists
  • …More disappointment that I actually look more like the angry feminist, not society’s stereotypical view of beauty (skinny, boobs hanging out, and blonde)

Hm. Mixed feelings indeed.

Though I have a hard time staying disgruntled when I know the creators are two punk-rock looking Germans who are my age and have great art skills, great bright red hair, and great Mario wallpaper.

(Via PahuPahu)


  1. says

    Actually appears to be pretty well made. Besides your permission, I would have hoped that the creators would have put you in. Maybe as someone that helps you through the last level or something. :-)

  2. says

    For some reason, hearing “Boobquake: The Game” made me imagine classic first-person shooter Quake with a lot of boobs in it.I guess this works too.

  3. says

    Speaking of Boob-Quake, have you gotten any comments along the lines of the following?…I couldn’t believe it when I got this comment (stuck in my spam filter). It was a real “what the fuck?” moment. The guy is entirely insane, and seems obsessed with “Boob quake” being some big, huge, horrible thing. People like that make my head hurt.

  4. ReginaAstrum says

    Idea copyright is all about when it was recorded. They are using your idea for profit while being disrespectful to the original point. The game is amusing but rather anti-feminist and exploitative you really should at the very least have been consulted about the use of boobquake. I strongly doubt it would really be worth the effort and legal fees to contest it. Most likely you would just get a cease and desist order and would get painted as a villain.

  5. CP says

    “They are using your idea for profit while being disrespectful to the original point. The game is amusing but rather anti-feminist and exploitative you really should at the very least have been consulted about the use of boobquake.”This. Unfortunately, this.

  6. Azkyroth says

    It hasn’t been necessary to explicitly declare something “copyrighted” for quite some time now, as I understand it.

  7. says

    lol. Wow. Someone just made Boobquake into a video game.I’m thinking about making it into a new religion that satirize religion. There will Boobquake Goddesses, a holy land, written Torah, oral Torah, and Boob Torah, Boobquake prayers, Boobquake priests, Boobquakologist Scholars, Boobquake wedding rituals, Boobquake funerals, Boobquake conversion ritual, Boobquake altar, Boobquake temples, Boobquake confirmation ritual, etc…

  8. bee says

    Obviously this game is what caused the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ. Not my favorite way to be woken up in the morning.

  9. hcbowman says

    Congratulations! Other people get 15 minutes of fame (if they’re lucky). You’re still getting aftershocks.

  10. says

    I agree with the lot of the comments i read here saying you should contact a lawyer. You should at least get some kind of royalties or something. You and only you are the original creator of “Boobquake” that just happened to catch international fame. I’ll be you never thought when you started it would make you that famous as you are now. I am proud to see a girl like you attain such prestiege and you can look back on all this and say “Yea I did that!” Good luck in Seattle

  11. says

    Yeah, they really should be asking for permission, cool punky folk or not. I will optimistically hope that it’s just the trailer being solely juvenile and they’ve actually put in some worthwhile information later in the game. Perhaps the lab coat is a power-up.

  12. says

    I think some commenters are confusing copyright and Trade Marks.IANAL, but I can’t see what copyright violations there may be with the game. And since there is no Trade Mark on the word Boobquake, there is no violation there.Yes, it would have been nice for PahuPahu to consult with Jen, but that’s a moral question, not a legal one.

  13. says

    Actually, now that I think about it, it’s probably not even a moral issue, but a simple matter courtesy. Anyway, the point being, many knickers being twisted over not much of an issue.

  14. says

    I don’t know about contacting a lawyer, but I’d contact the devs, just to make sure they have a clear understanding on the purpose of boobquake.

  15. says

    Barely on topic but: Being old and slow, I just noticed in the picture of you on the Wikipedia article that you were wearing safety goggles during the experiment. Nice touch. :D

  16. LS says

    I don’t think it would have been good to put earthquake facts in the game at all. It looks like the game is intended to be entirely focused on being fast-paced, so anything which would slow that pace (like reading) would detract from the game’s playstyle, which is the last thing you ever want to do. A labcoat would have been better though. Those are sexalicious.

  17. says

    So… if PahuPahu should pay money to Jen because of the name “BoobQuake”, should they also pay the preacher who started all of this? And shouldn’t Jen pay the preacher part of all profits by the sale of boobquake shirts then? It’s a non-issue.

  18. Rollingforest says

    Actually, it looks like the game is going to be free, so no one is going to make any money (at least not directly) off of Jen’s idea.ASU, who is one of the producers of the game, said this on the comment page of this page:

  19. Babs says

    Once Jen put “Boobquake” on paper (or internet, in this case), it became TM’d, whether or not she chose to identify is as such. Not as strong as a registered trademark, especially since she didn’t use the TM, however, she has more than enough evidence of when she began using the mark, and that she is the originator and promoter of the mark should she decide to pursue registration (which I think would be a good thing) and to, at the very least, receive acknowledgment from the game creators (i.e., Boobquake is a trademark of Jen…… blah blah blah). Personally, I’d go for royalties, too — not to get rich, but to protect my creative/intellectual property.

  20. Maureese Hammond says

    A lawsuit will only ruin the game’s opportunity to bring this subject to a larger demographic. It has since been changed to “Oppai Quake” anyhow, and will not be BoobQuake again unless a sponsor will pick up the game and request it be BoobQuake-ified once more. Now if it WERE to be picked up by a sponsor, who wanted the lab coat and the seismology facts, burka-wearing women to lose most of their clothes rather than being struck, and boob size reduction, all of that could help bring the game back to being meaningful towards the BoobQuake movement. People make games to make money, but that doesn’t limit the people WITH money from getting those developers to make the product they desire. I know that Jen has been contacted by the developer already, so we’ll see where that goes.

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