Back from St. Louis!

Speaking at the St. Louis Skeptics in the Pub was a ton of fun last night! It was awesome meeting everyone, and I hope everyone enjoyed my talk. Thanks to the Skeptical Society of St. Louis for inviting me, especially Mike for organizing it and Shelley and Andrea for letting me couch surf! And thanks to my readers who came out to see me – it’s always great talking to you guys, and I’m flattered that some of you even drove a couple hours to get there.

Some random thoughts from the trip:

  • The St. Louis arch is a lot huger than I thought!
  • There are a ton of butterflies in Illinois. I discovered this because I hit about one a minute during my 5 hour drive each way – my car is riddled with the remnants of the massacre. It was even more morbid when I hit two in the middle of a little mating ritual. Court each other in the middle of the highway isn’t exactly the best way to increase your fitness, butterflies.
  • I visited the “Skeptical Palace,” the house of two members of the Skeptical Society. Oh my goodness. I should have taken photos – this place is my dream house. So eclectic and full random biological specimens, scary little medicine bottles from the turn of the century, religious kitsch, and a podium from a Christian church that they use for their debate nights. Win. Oh, and they had the most adorable kitten. Best way to win over a guest – throw kittens at them.

Quote of the night, during discussion on weird porn:
Guy 1: That’s nothing, I once saw anthropomorphic pterodactyl porn.
Gal: Oh man, I’ve seen that one!!
Guy 1: Where he’s standing and flapping his wings while getting a blow job from the girl?
Guy 2: Is the girl a pterodactyl too?
Guy 1: No.
Guy 2: Well, then that’s just sick.

I love Skeptics so much.


  1. Jon Voisey says

    As I was going home, I noticed it was mostly clear. I’d had my telescope with me and had intended to see if you’d wanted to set it up, but I never got the chance. C’est la vie.

  2. BathTub says

    That description sounds like Ziztur and Flimsy’s house. Which I have never seen as I live on the opposite side of the planet. Just sounds very much like them.

  3. Saiiyah says

    Yeah BathTub, it is Ziztur and Flimsy’s house, the SkeptiPalace. It fits them insanely well, and by extension, fits the skeptics insanely well. Anyway, glad you had fun Jen, and let me know if you need to couch surf again. You’re very welcome to do so again. Hopefully my couch was comfy enough for a good ::giggle:: morning’s sleep!

  4. says

    One of our post meeting bar conversations somehow lead to everyone sharing a mental image of a reptilian Richard Dawkins having sex with nothing but his socks on… (conversations on reptoids, Richard Dawkins, and Ron Jeremy somehow collided)

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