Piano bar win

Last night I went to the piano bar at the Neon Cactus, our local popular drinking/dancing venue for college students. If you’re from Purdue, you know this is probably the most popular Thursday night tradition. It was my last night since I’m moving in a week, so a ton of my friends were there.

Bruce (the piano man) quickly pointed out that the Jesus camp people were here – namely two tables full of counselors from Camp Tecumseh. The first hour was filled with many lighthearted Christian/Jesus jokes, including Bruce feigning guilt whenever he swore or said something sexual and apologizing to the “Jesus table.”

Being a group of atheists, we couldn’t resist. We pooled our money and bought “Don’t Stop Believing” with the note “From the atheist table to the Jesus table.” The best part? They laughed and sang along with us.

Kudos to religious people with a sense of humor!


  1. lomifeh says

    Well they were in a bar drinking as well, so I am betting they were more of the normal human types. Sounds like it was a good time!

  2. Teri2 says

    I love religious people who are like that! If they are happy with their religion, they don’t try to force it on me or think I must be evil, and they are not being taken advantage of by their church…good for them. We went to a parade and they had a “Jesus Jeep”. Frightening!

  3. says

    I never made it to the Cactus. I heard lots of good things about the piano bar, but I was turned off by the kids crawling down the hill with their Cactus Cups.

  4. Pablo says

    Ah, Bruce Barker.Did he play “You Shook Me All Night Long” while they were there? He tends to suggest changing the wording a little bit on that (although lets everyone else sing it)

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