Don’t feed the trolls

Hey everyone, this is just a friendly reminder to not feed trolls in the comments.

I’m “privileged” to now be trolled by the infamous DM/Dennis Markuze/David Mabus/nostradamus/etc, a literally insane Canadian that is fond of leaving crazed rambling and death threats on atheist blogs. Between my honors thesis, classes, and clubs, I don’t have time to fiddle with a new comment moderation. So until I’m able to do that, please ignore him and I’ll continue to delete his comments. I don’t want threads getting derailed because you guys want to respond to him.

In other news…I dunno, consider this an open thread.


  1. says

    Canadian who isn't polite. Check. One more stereotype down the drain.Next on the list: a gay black man who can't dance.

  2. says

    Technically, I can ascribe the fact that he's from Montreal (and thus, French) as being a testament to the stereotype of traditional French rudeness/Quebecois drunkenness.

    As a Canadian, I apologize for writing this post if you feel it was in any way insufficient or blandly written.

  3. selfification says

    @JT I actually know one of those. It's quite funny because he recognizes the stereotype and prides himself at smashing through it with all three left feet :)

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