Purdue's National Secular Service Day makes local TV news

The Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University have yet again made it to the local TV news, this time for their participation in National Secular Service Day!

1. They managed to say Non-Theists correctly this time, huzzah! No more non-thesises.
2. I give up on getting people to pronounce my last name correctly (though I find it amusing that she also almost messed up “Jennifer”). Remember: McCreight is always right. It rhymes.
3. Props to my fellow members for standing awkwardly in the background while I was talking, hehe.
4. Speaking of me talking, jeez my voice sounds low. I had a cold, shut up!

The comments WLFI’s website are positive so far, too!

Awesome, we need more people like him! (Jen’s Note: Uhhh, him?)

Some of the fraternity brats should do this too.

You will never get these frat pigs sobered up long enough to pick up after their own drunken orgies, good luck getting them to clean up someone Else’s mess. Thank you, society of Non-Theists, the world would be a better place with more good people such as yourselves!

Uhhh… okay, maybe not too positive towards the fraternities, but good for us!WLFI summarized what we were doing pretty well. Eighteen members from the Society of Non-Theists went around the Chauncey Village neighborhood from 9am to 12pm picking up trash from sidewalks and business area. We weren’t allowed on the lawns of private property, unlike what the news cast said, which was kind of unfortunate. After Purdue’s awesome defeat of Ohio State Saturday afternoon and the insane partying that followed, so many places were completely trashed with beer cans and red solo cups strewn all over the grass. We tried to clean up what we could without trespassing.

Yeah, it was kind of gross sometimes. We had gloves though!

Walking back from class today, I was surprised by what a notable difference we made. Usually the remnants of a weekend remain for a while, but instead it was surprisingly clean. I was able to enjoy the beautiful fall colors without seeing Keystone Light cans mixed in with the leaves on the ground. Yes, we got positive news coverage for non-theists, but we also cleaned up the community. That’s what it’s really about. National Secular Service Day isn’t a publicity stunt – non-theists are always participating in some sort of community service, but no one ever hears about it and then they claim we don’t volunteer. By all participating on the same day, we show that you do not need religion to be an ethical person.


  1. says

    I have had some things going on with my mom and other relationships lately, so I’ve been more emotional than usual, but your last paragraph made me tear up. Thank you. You are good people.

  2. says

    Well, you just like yer TV, don’t ya? You bunch of attention-seekers, you. ;-)Lol, nevertheless, good job makin’ our ailing world that much less ailing. We do need less frats and more conscious folks around.(And for the record, you may have the mind of a guy at times, but you don’t look like one in the slightest. That cweird ommenter must’ve been commenting on one of the non-you Non-Theists. I hope so, for their mental health’s sake.)

  3. says

    Yay, good for you guys! You’re seeming nice *and* simultaneously fighting the war on loose pieces of paper. And all on TV.(And, yeah; that commenter could at least have gone with the politically-correct “we need more people like him or her.”)

  4. Jeff Satterley says

    McCreight is always right…With a slogan like that, how can you not run for public office?

  5. says

    So littering is Godly.And people always get my last name wrong, which wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t in the army, where everyone only knows me by my last name.

  6. Pablo says

    “McCreight is always right…With a slogan like that, how can you not run for public office?”Easy. Because people always fuck up her (his? ha ha) last name, it won’t make any sense. Try it by mispronouncing her name like “freight”. People will ask, wtf?Oh, and then they’ll find out she’s an atheist. That won’t help, either.

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