Intolerant Hinduism

Many believe that Hinduism is a very tolerant religion. Many think that as it is not even a religion but just a way of life of population of an area, people are not prevented from getting out of it.

The facts unfortunately disprove such notion. Faizal (formerly called Aneesh Kumar), a 32 year old driver hailing from Malappuram in Kerala, had to pay with his life for the “crime” of getting out of Hinduism and embracing Islam. He was brutally killed by Hindutva (RSS) activists led by his brother in law.

Faizal - image credit Newsminute

Faizal – image credit Newsminute

Eight persons were arrested on Sunday in connection with the killing of 32-year-old Faizal P in Kodinhi in Malappuram district.
Kondotty Circle Inspector Muhammed Haneefa confirmed the arrests to The News Minute. He said that the arrested men included Faizal’s brother-in-law Vinodh, local leaders of the RSS Haridasan, Shaji and Suni, and four RSS workers, Sajeesh, Pradeep, Jayaprakash and Lijeesh.
Faizal P alias Aneesh Kumar, the son of Ananthan Nair, had converted to Islam six months ago. His conversion has been identified as the reason for his murder. Hailing from Kodinhi in Malappuram district, Faizal was found dead in a drain on Thirurangadi-Kodinhi road on Saturday. There were gaping wounds on his head and injuries seemingly caused due to sharp weapons.
It has also been reported that three more persons are yet to be arrested.
“We have been questioning many in this case. The eight people arrested today were not taken in for questioning before. They are associated with the RSS and have admitted to murdering Faisal following his conversion to Islam,” the officer said.

Hindutva groups hate religious conversion. Under their influence many state governments in India has banned conversions. Converts and preachers trying to convert were attacked violently in several places.

Those getting out of Hinduism to become an atheist also faces severe social pressures but not much violence when compared to those faced by ex Muslims. Hindus it seems cannot tolerate increase in number followers of  “rival” religions, though they may be more lenient to atheists as long as Hindu customs and traditions are not critically questioned.

Religion is not about love and morality as many believe, but about power and control. Belief in religion make theists do brutal crimes just to prevent followers getting out of their control.



  1. secondtofirstworld says

    I’m not surprised the least. India brands the followers of the Sikh faith as terrorists (since the constitution bans other means for discrimination), had upheld the caste system in 2007 by a Supreme court decision, deeming it eternal and unchangeable.

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