Now Indian women can worship Lord Saturn but ….

It is the fundamental right of a woman and the government should protect it.

Lofty words from a court in India. The court was disposing off a petition challenging the barring of entry of women in to sanctum sanctorum of a temple for the god Shani ( Lord Saturn ).

Similar struggles by women wanting to enter religious shrines which traditionally barred their entry is taking place in many parts of the country. Overall the courts were seen taking a progressive non discriminatory view on this issue.



So you may think Indian courts are progressive ?

Unfortunately no.

Last year when a woman pleaded that her husband violated her fundamental right to life and liberty by raping her and therefore asked him to be punished by criminalizing marital rape, the top most court of the country refused and said :

“You are espousing a personal cause and not a public cause…This is an individual case,”

It was in 2013 that the same Supreme court walked backwards reinstating the ban on homosexuality, saying the archaic 1860 British law prohibiting it cannot be over turned by a court, but need parliament legislation.

There are umpteen instances in India of judgements and comments by the judiciary oozing with conservative patriarchal sentiments. Still this verdict against gender discrimination is a small step forward amidst many step backwards.

pic courtesy Mint showing women activists stopped by police at Shani temple

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