Killed for blessings of god

Salahudin. ..attacked Christians in Lahore Park on his will …for blessing of Allah.
Taliban accept responsibility of this attack and soon release video


The above quote is the text on the image released by the Islamist terror group called  Jamat-ul-Ahrar, an off shoot of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. They not only claimed credit for the deadly Easter day suicide bombing in Lahore, and declared it to be the start of a new campaign dubbed “Sound of Thunder” but also “proudly” released the name and picture of the mass murderer who killed scores of people including kids playing on swings.

When you sacrifice  your power of reasoning and basic instincts of love and empathy at the altar of religion, you start believing  killing innocent children will bring you heaven and godly blessings.

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  1. abear says

    I have to say that seeing the picture of that subhuman piece of filth with the sanctimonious look on his face and flashing the Allah is number 1 gang sign just fills me with contempt.
    How could the act of murdering children help their cause?

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