A friendly quibble

The Friendly Atheist just posted a good look at another instance of Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy on the subject of church/state separation, along with documentation showing just how big of a hypocrite Cruz is being. Towards the end, though, he says something that bothers me just a bit.

The question Dougherty asked was: “How and why does your religion play a part in your political decision making?”

Cruz never directly answered that because the truth is that faith plays a role in everything he does. That might be okay if he were a random citizen, but it’s downright illegal when he’s supposed to be the leader of all Americans.

Well, no. I know what he means, but that’s not quite right. It’s not illegal, even for someone in the government, to allow faith to play a role in everything they do. The dividing line comes when they have to choose between their faith and the law. The law must take precedence, including the law that requires the government to be neutral with respect to religion. As long as the believer abides by that constraint, in the execution of his or her governmental duties, there’s nothing forbidding faith from having a role in the person’s life. They just have to make sure they do nothing to impose their faith on anyone else.

In Cruz’s case, of course, the distinction is moot, because he puts his faith above the law, and so he violates the law, and advocates violation of the law, whenever doing so works to establish his religion as “superior” to all others. “Religious liberty” in Cruz’s mind is nothing more nor less than Christian supremacy, and he’s more than happy to force his religious principles on anyone and everyone he can. That’s what makes him a hypocrite when he talks about “defending religious freedom.” Not just the fact that he lives by his faith.

Ok, quibble satisfied. Carry on.


  1. StevoR says

    Carry on Cruz?

    Of course, Cruz has indeed according to recent (Rubio?) rumours been “carrying on” with a lot of women he isn’t married to. Which would usually only between him, the women in question and his wife – but when he’s running as a Christian values evangelical extremist campaigner, yeah. Not so good. Hypocrite. (If the Rubio-Trump claims are true. Which does seem probable although not 100% sure.)

    • StevoR says

      “Hypocrite”there referring to Ted Cruz natch – also liar and more among the politer apt words he deserves to be called.

      (For clarity. Sorry. Please feel free to edit and fix accordingly, Deacon Duncan.)

  2. Megamoya says

    How and why does your religion play a part in your political decision making?

    If I had to answer that kind of question, It’d probably go like this:
    “My religion affects my decision making the same way my pet chimp bitchslaps me in the face every time I do something wrong: I don’t have a pet chimp.”

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