Neiman Marcus vs. battered women

I’m likely to find time in short supply for the next few weeks as the day job intensifies, so I’m going to supplement my original posts by highlighting what some of the other FtB folks are posting (hey, that’s what networks are for, eh?). Today’s link goes to Ashley Miller and her story on a ritzy, high-end clothing store that likes to sic their lawyers on a charity benefitting a shelter for abused women. Shame, Neiman Marcus, shame.

Read more at Neiman Marcus attacks Women’s Shelter over name.


  1. blorf says

    The sad thing here is that NM is obligated to act to protect their trademark, but there are much less ham handed methods. Send a letter saying (in legalese)” you are infringing on our trademark, please follow X set of guidelines to apply for our official permission,” is so much better for PR.

    • sqlrob says

      Are “Discount Outlet” and “Women’s Shelter” in the same space and easily confused? Doesn’t look like anything near something that would need to be protected (IANAL)

      • sqlrob says

        Ack. It’s a store, so I can see the infringement, never mind.

        An agreement would’ve been much smarter than a C&D since they’re not even in the state.

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