Five years ago today

Over at Evangelical Realism, I’m taking a break from Justin Martyr due to a time crunch at my day job. To fill in the hole, I’ve reposted one of my earlier encounters with presuppositional apologetics, which didn’t turn out at all the way the apologist had hoped. It’s the first two of a series of back-and-forth exchanges I had with that particular group, but after my second post, they dropped presuppositionalism and tried the “Darwinist conspiracy” tactic instead, so my first two posts ended up being a good, quick, self-contained rebuttal.


  1. EdW says

    Hey DD, I wanted to let you know, I just finished reading through the entire rebuttal series for “I don’t have enough FAITH to be an ATHEIST” again — And I ran across a comment I made in early 2009. I had been a regular reader for a while before that, too. So I figured I’d drop by here and say hello again, and thank you again for taking the time to so thoroughly de-bunk the bunk.

    I’m loving the Justin Martyr stuff as well, fascinating material.

  2. says

    i spose getting the first word in is very important ‘well, since reasonable people have no choice but to presuppose that god doesn’t exist, i’d like to hear your reasoning for saying that he, she, it does. it may take a lot to convince me’.

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