ID creationists and their grasp of “reality”

The Coppedge v. JPL and CalTech lawsuit is living up to its early promise and perhaps even surpassing it. David Coppedge himself has submitted a deposition which includes—I am not making this up—a screenplay in which he fantasizes about his co-workers reduced to tears and desperately searching for a way to escape from the invincible correctness of ID propaganda. Here’s a tiny sample.


…and there was a sticky note on the DVD package. It had names on it and – I think he’s trying to keep track of who he loans his DVDs out to. I don’t want him to offer me DVDs ever again. I can’t take it. I just can’t! …

You know, I’m an ordained minister in the Metaphysical Interfaith Church and I –

[NARRATOR (or something)]

According to Weisenfelder, she “feared” Coppedge would try to loan her another DVD when she did not want him to contact her again. (Weisenfelder Dep. Tr. 159:25-161-4). This is a difficult thriller to appreciate without more information, but that’s where Weisenfelder’s dramatic confrontation with Coppedge ends.

What’s interesting about this screenplay is that it basically confesses that he was knowingly forcing religious propaganda on people who weren’t interested in it. Even more, he was apparently enjoying the fantasy about how much she “feared” him and his irresistible ID dominance. “Oh, oh, your DVD, it’s so big!

But the best part is the footnote on the first page of the “screenplay” where he openly admits that his testimony takes liberties with the facts, and indulges in “artistic license.” Or as they like to call it in court, “perjury.” Yeah, that’s going to go over really well with the judge.


  1. jamessweet says

    Hi, Margaret. What’s up? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

    I saw a ghost alright. A holy ghost!

    Bwa hahahahaha! hahahaha… hhaha! Oh that’s just too much…

    • N. Nescio says

      For a second there, I thought you were just mocking this idiot by using Jack Chick style writing. Then I followed the link and found out that is actually what he wrote. He really submitted that to a Court of law in hopes it would further his case.

      The mind boggles. I look forward to the politely-worded scathing judicial smack-down this is going to get.

  2. Zinc Avenger says

    So he’s saying he was trying to instill fear in his colleagues?

    Sounds like grounds for termination to me.

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