Life in the Kingdom?

Do you live in the buckle on the Bible Belt? Are you a skeptic, unbeliever, or other form of non-Christian sojourner there? The Uncredible Hallq is hosting a discussion for people to share what the secular experience is really like for someone in the midst of the Kingdom of God.

Strange as it may sound for someone who writes about religion so much, there are times when religion seems like this thing that’s “out there” but which doesn’t affect my life. And I guess that’s been true for some parts of my life, particularly when I’ve lived in the “blue” (i.e. liberal) city* of Madison, WI. So let this be a thread for people to talk about their experiences living in “red” parts of the country.

Stop on over if you’ve got an interesting story to tell. Or even a boring one. All perspectives are welcome.



  1. Brian M says


    I really think Lincoln was wrong. Alabam would make a fine independent third world hell hole.

    I cannot identify with these nuts at all (although the most appalling one was the Pennsylvania case.) Still, even in purple Solano County, California (near the Bay Area but oh so far) there is a strong evangelical and birther contingent among my co-workers. There is absolutely no pressure from management to agree with this, but…

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