1. davidct says

    I was discriminated against just last night. A waitress noticed my atheist tee shirt somewhere between serving drinks and starting to take food orders. She disappeared and a waiter took her place stating that she had gone home. We noticed that she had not gone anywhere.

    It was not much of a problem but it just shows that many people feel that their religious beliefs entitle them to special consideration. I will be speaking to the mange the next time I get a chance. I will suggest that he remind his employee the in that neighborhood it is likely that at least a quarter of the customers are atheists. It may be that holding that job is not something her religion can allow.

  2. Hunt says

    Looking that over, what struck me is the many citations where Christians have killed their children during faith healing.

  3. baal says

    Wow, I have to suppress the urge to run around in circles screaming after reviewing that montage.

    I had an on-line friend from a game. He was really depressed on day so I asked him why. “Well, my pastor said I could find Christians on-line and I’d know them by seeing their soul shine through in their actions.”

    I replied, “why is that depressing?”

    “I asked some of the people who are nice in the game what church they go to and 4 of them told me they are atheists.”

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