Cēsis, Part 1.

From rq: Cēsis is a very historical city up to the north of us – very beautiful, parts of it are very well-preserved, never mind the major wars that it has survived. Not sure when it was founded exactly, but it does have a 13th century stone castle  (well, the ruins). Here’s a few of the old town itself, some views of the castle up next. The adorable building in the last is now a children’s kindergarten/daycare facility. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. (We went because Eldest Child is in the school folk dancing group and there was a major event that weekend in Cēsis – something like 5000 school age folk dancers congregating into one city!) Click for full size!

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  1. rq says

    Also -- the first photo is a school and the plaque commemorates one of the student military units participating in the fight for independence in 1918. Kids of 16 and 17 filled with the patriotic spirit, with few returning. Anyway.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Beautiful cityscape!

    I like the last with the wooden building trying to look like a stone building. That was common here in the towns/cities. A later development was a stone or brick first floor and a wooden second floor.

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