1. rq says

    You have violets already??! The ice should get the message, pretty rainbow and all -- its time is up!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Beauty of the ice and another kind of beauty of the bark and then the blue flowers.

  3. says

    Hehhe, the “ice” will last till about the end of times because it’s actually glass.
    We had glass bricks in the front of the house, which are terrible heat drains, so we replaced them with a window. But in taking them out, many broke. Wehen I took the rest of the pics I found this pretty splitter.

    You have violets already??!

    Yes, and they are the real thing, smelling nice and all.

    The second shot is a sunflower plant. The birds dropped the seed from the feedball I had hung up and it took hold in a crack in the stairs. I carefully removed it after the shot and planted it in a pot because it wouldn’t survive in the crack once it grows larger.

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