Continuation 13.

No catchy title this time around, just a quick round up of all the continuing awful in Trumpistan. I’m tired. I expect everyone else is too. Just one day, I’d like to bask in all good things, people being good, for a change.

Fake hunting license -- (KDKA screen grab).

Fake hunting license — (KDKA screen grab).

An unidentified high school student in Pittsburgh was booted from his school after posting a hunting license allowing the bearer to hunt down and kill “n****rs” on his Snapchat account, reports KDKA.

Via Raw Story.

‘I will cut your throat!’: Muslim ‘hero’ cop harassed and threatened in New York for wearing hijab.

Ohio interracial couple’s home trashed with swastikas and ‘white power’ slogans painted on it.

‘Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America’: Online racists are having a meltdown over mall’s black Santa.


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    If that came from a high school student, you know it’s because his parents raised him a racist.
    There are KKK chapters in the Pittsburgh area. I bet they’re invigorated by the election.

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