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Jul 29 2012

Cosmos fileld with voracious vampire stars


We know there’s some weird and rare stellar denizens in the cosmic jungle, galaxies hollowe dinto rungs like giant Ferris Wheels, dark matter pockets, pocean planets and diamond worlds. But it turns out one species of misfit may be way more common than thought. Cannibal stars, sometimes referred to as vampires, that suck the life blood out of …

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Jul 14 2012

Modern day planet hunter lands big prize


If you want to know who murdered Pluto, it was Mike Brown! Mike greatly expanded the our understanding of the solar system with the discovery of Eris and several other Kuiper Belt Objects objects. He and two team members have landed the ‘Nobel Prize’ of astronomy:

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Jun 30 2012

Enjoy your extra looong Saturday


Courtesy of our moon, you get an extra long Saturday this weekend: one second longer. It’s because of the earth-moon interaction, the moon tugs on the earth’s tidal bulge, earth returns the favor by accelerating the moon slightly and pushing it further away. So every now and then we have to add in an extra …

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Jun 17 2012

Secret shuttle lands after secret mission


You didn’t know we had a secret space shuttle? I thought everyone knew! Well, this one is pretty small, and it’s unmanned. Which helps explain why it spent over a year in orbit:

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Jun 14 2012

Watch a dino killer zip by live

The online Slooh observatory will be tracking a near earth asteroid big enough to cause global fall out this evening, and you can watch it live!

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Jun 07 2012

Venus in art and photo


NASA’s SOHO and Venus in transit. Awesome! And there are more photos, I’ll be adding to this for the next few hours time permitting.

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May 21 2012

Eclipse pics!


I’ve seen a few eclipses, even a total one as a kid. But I have never seen what I saw last night. I leave my office after a long, long day — which is why this site has been unattended the last few days – and totally forgot about the eclipse. Got into the parking lot and …

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May 20 2012

Eclipse tonight for east and west


Get set, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in some parts of the nation this evening and if you live a little west of thew Mississippi River you might catch a glimpse (Do not stare right into it, or you’re just an idiot):

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May 06 2012

Spring super moon photos from all over


Alas, the weather did not cooperate here in Central Texas for viewing the super moon. But we did get some badly needed rain. There were clear skies in other parts of the world though, and many photos have been posted. I’ll be adding a few below the fold throughout the morning.

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May 03 2012

Super massive blackhole caught devouring a star

Black-holes have a bad rep, but it’s deserved! They devour anything that comes too close and they aren’t satisified with merely tearing debris into quarks and blasting out burps of gamma radiation, they digest the remains in a bottomless pit. One blackhole, not too far away using the comsological standard, was caught doing exactly that:

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