Spring super moon photos from all over

Normal moon left, super moon right, click image for embigulation

Alas, the weather did not cooperate here in Central Texas for viewing the super moon. But we did get some badly needed rain. There were clear skies in other parts of the world though, and many photos have been posted. I’ll be adding a few below the fold throughout the morning.

CNN iReporter Halldor Sigurdsson captured this photo of the "super moon" of 2012 over Reykjavik, Iceland, on Saturday. Click for CNN slideshow


  1. Trebuchet says

    Love the Empire State Building one! Didn’t get a good view from it here in Western Washington because a) it seemed to be rising unusually far to the south, which put it behind trees; and b) I was tired and went to bed!

  2. frankb says

    I saw the moon around midnight while driving home from work. It looked bigger but then I was expecting it to.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ^ frankb : Was Luna nearer the horizon when you saw it? That may have been part of the pyschology of it too – a well known optical illusion.

    Perhaps the most interesting and different image of it is here :


    via the Bad Astronomy blog and comes from a quite unusual perspective via NASA too.

    I’d also recommend reading the first link on the topic there – The Supermoon stuff? AGAIN?’ too.
    Sorry to burst folks bubbles but, yeah.

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