Cosmos fileld with voracious vampire stars

We know there’s some weird and rare stellar denizens in the cosmic jungle, galaxies hollowe dinto rungs like giant Ferris Wheels, dark matter pockets, pocean planets and diamond worlds. But it turns out one species of misfit may be way more common than thought. Cannibal stars, sometimes referred to as vampires, that suck the life blood out of their neighbors for a flush of youthful glory and may shape the evolution of future stars and planets: [Read more…]

Enjoy your extra looong Saturday

Lunar Dawn circa 3 billion years ago by Karen Wehrstein

Courtesy of our moon, you get an extra long Saturday this weekend: one second longer. It’s because of the earth-moon interaction, the moon tugs on the earth’s tidal bulge, earth returns the favor by accelerating the moon slightly and pushing it further away. So every now and then we have to add in an extra second to keep up with it all. That day is today: [Read more…]

Eclipse pics!

The eclipse from space

I’ve seen a few eclipses, even a total one as a kid. But I have never seen what I saw last night. I leave my office after a long, long day — which is why this site has been unattended the last few days — and totally forgot about the eclipse. Got into the parking lot and the light looked damn weird. The sun was just starting to think about setting. It was bright, cars and buildings were lit up all orange on one side, and yet it was dim. Hard to explain. Light twinkled oddly through the tree tops.

A few minutes later I was driving west, straight into it, and through the tinted top part of my windshield I could see it plain as day: something was taking a big black bite out of the sun! This is about what it looked like: [Read more…]